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He is the father of both Raven Hex and Tarot and the husband of their mother, and just as Tarot's mother relates most to her, he relates most to his daughter Raven as the darker members of the family.

It was difficult for his daughters to live as a family of witches, especially since it was not done secretively. Everyday the family was persecuted by people who constantly insulted them, as they didn't understand witches so they feared them and wished to see them destroyed. So it was that Tarot, Raven and their mother and father were forced to keep to themselves and perform their traditions in hiding though they continued to do them joyously.

They were happy because, as witches, they could see things ordinary mortals could not including the full glory of both the natural and the supernatural. They were also capable of interacting with beings from the Fairy Realm such as the numerous fairies that now inhabit the mansion that is the family's home.

And though the family tried so hard to share this feeling with the world they were instead hated for being different and humanity remained trapped in their bland world. Finally, this hate came to a climax when the kids at school physically assaulted Tarot and Raven used magic to get revenge. The two girls were sent home, and blamed for starting the fight.

When the two come home and Tarot's father learns of the incident he becomes full of anger and contacted the school but in their effort to remain unaffiliated with the family they simply expelled the girls right then, expecting their troubles to end. However, it was their last words that were their final mistake as they told Tarot's father if he would just have his girls dress and act like normal children there would have been no trouble.

It was then that hatred took over her father and he saw the only way to make himself heard was with the Forbidden Book of Shadows. Using the magicks within he burned the school to the ground and when the villagers came to do the same to the mansion he summoned creatures of the forest to attack them and foil their plot.

However, Tarot's father soon met his end as the threefold-law of the witches caused the magick that destroyed the school to consume him as well in its raging fire. Raven took this loss harder than her mother and sister and turning to darkness she vowed to get revenge on the townspeople and to resurrect her father.


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