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    Tarot is a beautiful and powerful young witch of the Order of the Black Rose who fights against the forces of darkness that are attempting to bring harm to the world.

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    Born as Rowan, Tarot chose her magic name when she became an of-age witch. Her family tried to be open about their beliefs but it caused strife at school, even causing a “fight” where Tarot is struck in the head with a rock. She and her sister end up getting expelled. Tarot’s father retaliated by burning down the school. The town tried to retaliate as well and the father ultimately dies. This does not sway Tarot, though, as she continues to believe that witches and humans can dwell side by side.


    Written and drawn by Jim Balent with Holly Golightly assisting with the appearance.

    Witch War

    Raven Hex plans to use spells to bring about a time of terror for mankind and prosperity for all followers of the craft.

    But Tarot foresees what will happen if Raven goes through with her plans, a second Burning will be at hand and she will not allow it.

    Instead, she will stand up and fight Raven no matter the cost. Tarot is none other than Raven's own sister, Rowan.

    At Witch Hollow in Salem, Massachusetts the youthful and fair woman gazes at her Tarot cards, watched by her winged cat, Pooka.

    Tarot has tried to use the Tarot cards to find the whereabouts of her sister Raven but finds that her sister's sorcery is preventing her from getting a location.

    Instead she is getting visions of a blackness, a blackness that is coming, and a dark warrior who stands in this shadow.

    The man seems to be defined by heroics...and death. Tarot decides that he is the starting point in her quest and that if she finds him she will find her sister, so she sets off to prepare.

    She knows that since she lives by the first law of witchcraft -otherwise known as the Witch's Creed, "Do what thou will but harm none."- that things may be difficult.

    This law will prevent her from using her powers in any negative fashion but does not prevent her from using it to protect herself and/or others.

    As she walks through the castle, followed by a flying Pooka she heads off to find something within the house. She knows that she will not be able to defeat her sister's darkness with naught but her spells and robes. Instead she needs something that was crafted with magic, she needs her witch's armor.

    So as Tarot arrives in the room where the armor is kept she undresses herself and then applies the enchanted leather armor. It is meant to shield her from any harm that may come upon her.

    Her head is adorned with horns to invoke the power of The God and her armor bears the symbol of the moon to gain the power of The Goddess.

    Fully dressed, Tarot the Witch of the Black Rose swears that the witches shall NOT suffer another Burning, not as long as she can stop it.

    Tarot, now dressed in her armor gazes at the legendary Sword of the Black Rose and at last takes it from the hands of The Goddess statue that holds it.

    The blade holds immense power and Tarot fears the fact that she may have to use this power against her own sister. Her thoughts are interrupted by her mother who asks if she would like her to come along.

    Tarot says no because the cards foretell a great danger for Tarot's Mother should she come along. Besides, she believes the dark warrior will provide her with all the help she'll need.

    She appears to have headed for the Salem Woods Cemetery where she sees three of her sisters conjured ghouls attacking The Graveyard Guardian who believes himself to be unable to fight back and cowers from the impending doom.

    Yet Tarot will not allow this and uses her magics to destroy the first ghoul. It is then that the beautiful young woman, wearing a very revealing armor and wielding a mighty sword catches the eye of the Skeleton Man.

    He watches her battle his foes for some time but when she is thrown to the ground he decides to step in. Unleashing his fists of fury on one of the pumpkin monsters he is an easily removed threat. And though it seems that once again it is his end, Tarot recovers and saves him from the beast, asking him if he's hurt.

    The selfless man tells her not to worry about him but about the remaining creature, however it teleports out of the cemetery before they can attack, taking The Twins coffin with it.

    The Graveyard Guardian is now angered and saddened at his own failure and pulls off his face mask. He shouts in his rage as he sums up the events of the night but Tarot tells him to cool down.

    She touches him and to her surprise feels a spark, as the Lovers tarot card flashes in her mind. He pulls away in surprise asking Tarot if she felt what he had.

    Tarot tells him it was nothing and quickly changing subjects asks him if he's willing to help her in her mission since she is afraid that he is the one she was seeking. He agrees to going along with her, as long as it includes getting the coffin back.

    She assures him it will not be an easy task but he is resilient in his decision to join her in her quest and she decides that he must come along, the cards say so.

    As October 30 was dawning, two heroes, clad in leather, disappointment clearly seen on their faces are warmed by the sun's first rays as they stand at Salem Woods Cemetery.

    Tarot tells Skeleton Man that she must care for him, before the infection sets in because of his multiple wounds. But he assures her there nothing serious and that they can wait.

    However, Jon complains about not feeling so good and Tarot tells him it is because his wounds are magical in nature and only magick can stop the effects of magick. She tells him that she has all they need for him in her spell room but they must go there quickly, he tries to tell her he is just fine and is a pretty tough cookie. Yet things don't go according to his plans as his body gives up and his face smashes into the ground as he goes utterly unconscious. Picking him up, Tarot smiles as she holds the dazed man, "You're coming with me...cookie." and so Jon and Rowan disappear in a flurry of leaves.

    Jon's First Look at Tarot Out of Costume, Literally
    Jon's First Look at Tarot Out of Costume, Literally

    Later in the mansion as Jon explores the vast abode, he finds himself blessed enough to gaze upon the beauty of the goddess among all women as she emerges naked from the pool. Her smooth skin, perfectly curved form, her appearance is that of both mystery and innocence. It is then that Tarot looks at Jon flirtatiously as she wraps a towel around her body, leaving a tattoo of a black rose on the back of her left shoulder exposed. "I'm glad to see you're awake and feeling better."

    Awkwardly Jon answers that he is indeed doing better and Rowan tells him that she is glad but he must now follow her to discuss things. As he follows her he asks if she removed his costume and she answers yes, as it was the only way she could tend to his injuries.

    Jon expresses that he was obviously in a deep sleep as he did not notice the removal of his make-up or contacts but Tarot smiles and says she has friends with a light touch, hinting at the fairies fluttering above, unseen to the Skeleton Man.

    As they entire the kitchen, Jon tells her that he does indeed like the mansion and Tarot thanks him saying it has been in her family for generations.

    In the kitchen, the two robed heroes walk, Tarot going to the counter to pour a cup of hot chocolate. While she does this though, Jon begins bombarding her with questions such as her identity, where the pumpkin ghouls are from, why Raven needs to be found, who has The Twins body, and what's with all the talk about magic...finally he asks her, "are you a magician?"

    She smiles at him as she says flatly, "No. I'm a witch." Jon seems to go in shock and gasps in surprise as she sets the hot chocolate down before him, encouraging him to have some while she answers his questions.

    He picks up the mug but looks at it nervously and asks Tarot how he's supposed to know its not one of those witch potions so he asks her what it is. Still smiling at him she says its hot chocolate and Jon's palm connects with his face as he feels like an idiot.

    Apologizing to Tarot he tells her its just because he has never met a real witch before. She assures him its quite alright as most people have the wrong idea...however, if they really wanted to know the truth all they'd have to do is ask her and she would gladly share but no one does ask. And so Tarot begins the tale of her life, initially interrupted at certain points by a confused Skeleton Man.

    As Jon holds his steaming hot chocolate he gasps after hearing the tale and in astonishment he asks if Raven can actually bring the dead to life, his question is answered by a woman who comes out from behind him. Jon turns and walks over to her and greets the kind woman when Tarot tells him, "Jon, this is my mother." At hearing this he turns back to Tarot in shock and asks her if she figured out his name with her witch powers.

    She smiles at his assuming comments, as usual, and tells him that it was actually because she overheard The Twins calling him Jon back at the cemetery. Once again, Jon feels embarrassed at his behavior and tells her he'll try to think before he says anything next time.

    When Tarot's mother explains how soon their mission has to be completed Jon sighs as he realizes that Halloween is tomorrow, meaning they have very little time so he asks Tarot, "Where do we start." Tarot smiles as she sets her palms on the table, exposing her bare midsection, "We start with you." Jon is horrified and asks why they must start with him and Tarot tells him it is because he is the key to finding Raven, the cards have told her.

    Jon tells her he has no idea how he could locate her sister but his best bet would be going to talk with The Twins and asking them the whereabouts of their body. Tarot is surprised and asks him if he means they can sense their body.

    He tells her that indeed, they can pinpoint the exact location of their body meaning they can lead them to Raven if she is in possession of it. It is then that Jon explains how he became Skeleton Man when Tarot asks him how long he has been able to communicate with the dead.

    Tarot asks him why the ghosts just don't appear and scare people off on their own but Jon tells her most of them find it difficult to do when he's not there and he believes it to be because of his near death experience. He then tells her that's the conclusion of his story and that now all he needs is his costume and they can hunt Raven down.

    He asks for the location of his room and Tarot tells him not to worry, as Pooka will lead him there, Jon shouts in surprise, "You have a flying cat?" Tarot smiles at him asking, "Doesn't every witch?" Jon admits he doesn't know and that it's easily possible so regaining his composure he follows Pooka as he leads Jon to his room.

    Tarot and her mother then discuss Jon after he leaves and her mother tells her he seems like a nice guy and would be good for Tarot. Tarot tells her mother that is what she wanted to talk about, because she shared a vision with Jon.

    Back at the cemetery when he touched her shoulder a flash of The Lovers card was seen by her as a pulse of energy passed through her, making her feel hot, a type of feeling she had never had before. Her mother tells her it means she's in love but Tarot argues and tells her mom that she's being serious and that she does not have time for a serious relationship.

    She tells her mother that having her and having magick is all she needs but her mother asks what her heart needs with a smile. Tarot storms off in frustration with her mother telling her, I...I got to go mom, time is running out."

    On October 31, 9:22 PM, in the silent Salem Woods Cemetery all is at peace when in a magickal moment, the Skeleton Man and Tarot appear, smoke swirling around their lower bodies. Tarot immediately demands that Jon summon The Twins as time is running out, midnight is coming soon and they need the girls now.

    Jon is still caught off guard at how one moment they stand in the mansion and the next they are in the cemetery but Tarot urgently reminds him of what they set out to do and Jon tells her Sally and Susan must be close as their grave is not far off.

    A voice answers Jon's words telling him that The Twins are indeed about and he need not worry. However, then the voice moves on to Tarot and asks her if she is the pretty red head the girls spoke of. It becomes evident that the bearer of this voice, Brandi, does not care for Tarot as she insults her leather armor and then asks Jon what Tarot is doing at the cemetery.

    Skeleton Man exclaims with joy when he sees Brandi and tells Tarot that this is the girlfriend he was talking about, Tarot tells him she assumed as much but Brandi begins some drama, interrupting the mission as she yells at Jon and tells him that she is no longer Brandi. Brandi died in the car accident, now all she is naught but some crypt chick, she has no identity she is just the Crypt Chick.

    She begins to take out her anger at her current state on Tarot when she complains how unlike Rowan she does not even have the sense of touch and feelings of warmth that the witch does, in fact she doesn't even have a body.

    Tarot tells Brandi to keep her out of her endless moaning and rude comments but Brandi responds by mocking Tarot for being sensitive and asks if its the red hair and then asks Jon if Tarot is a natural redhead.

    A dismayed Skeleton Man tries to defend Tarot and tells Brandi that despite what she's been through doesn't mean she has a right to be hard on everyone else. Brandi spitefully tells him that she is Crypt Chick and does not need his sympathy. Finally, she once again asks Jon what Tarot is doing at the cemetery with him.

    He tells her that they have come to talk to The Twins so they can locate their body and Tarot's stolen book. Brandi inquires about the book and Jon tells her it can raise the dead, making Brandi even more curious.

    Tarot steps in and explains the forbidden spell book confirming that some spells within it can indeed raise the dead. Brandi interrupts and asks why they'd make a forbidden book as that obviously means the spells are evil. Tarot says that the book is filled with knowledge and knowledge is never evil meaning that the book can only be used for evil but even if they are sworn not to practice the forbidden spells does not mean they should not study them.

    Suddenly Wraith and The Twins burst on to the seen, speeding for Jon the Twins ask whether or not he has their body yet but Jon tells them they must concentrate on their body and tell him what they see.

    So they do and mention stone walls and floors and a window and outside the window is the tops of trees. Jon begins guessing what they're in when The Tower Tarot card flashes through Rowan's mind causing her to exclaim, "a tower."

    She tells him that it is a long-abandoned tower of high witchery that is kept hidden from the eyes of mortals through the use of sorcery, Jon is overjoyed that Tarot knows of this place and tells her that they can bring The Twins along to locate the exact floor of the body.

    Brandi smiles and says that while they retrieve the body she can keep an eye on the girls and make sure they stay under control. Jon thinks its an awesome idea and welcomes 'Crypt Chick' to the team. Brandi asks Tarot if she has a problem with it and though the tension between the two is thick, Tarot answers, "No problem."

    Deep in the woods of Salem, Tarot and Skeleton Man walk and come to a halt, Jon seems surprised and asks Tarot, "This is it? I don't see any tower!"

    She tells him once again that it is cloaked, so that only those who practice magick can see it, but she removes the blindness from his eyes by sweeping her hand over them and then he sees it, a tall, rounded tower with four identical 'skyclad' women holding swords that point to the earth, they stand as high as the tower is tall and provide a magnificent image to the eye of the beholder.

    Jon exclaims his surprise, but Tarot explains to him some of the origins of the tower, also revealing that the reasons for its abadonment remain a mystery to this very day. Suddenly, Sally and Susan appear beside Jon and Tarot, and he is confused yet again because he had thought they were with Brandi.

    They confirm that what he thought had been true but no longer, for she had vanished and they have no idea where she is, but they do know their body is on the top floor of the tower. As if these words brought the dark magicks upon them the earth begins to rumble and Jon speaks the oh so popular phrase, "I have a bad feeling about this."

    As if on command, the ground bursts open as a giant pumpkin-headed golem emerges from it, with leather-winged, smaller pumpkins following in his wake. Tarot and Jon began to lose their balance but they refused to fall, for if they would have as the earth was shifting beneath their feet, losing would have been the only possible outcome.

    As Skeleton Man begins to take out the little pumpkins with a barrage of fists he asks Tarot the plan to which she responds that all he has to do is avoid the teeth and claws, as they are poisonous, meanwhile, she will take out the Goblin Gourd herself, so running to stand before the massive beast she awaits as the creature draws in a deep breath, preparing himself...

    Than, he belches forth a stream of hellfire directed at the unguarded Tarot and her flying cat, Pooka, but the flames do not overtake them. Always quick on her feet, Tarot sweeps her hand through the air, utters a few magickal words, and a shield appears before her, absorbing the energy of the flame, keeping her free from harm.

    Tarot seems to fare much better than her male companion as she wields the Sword of the Goddess like a pro, cutting the air with a magickal flame that takes the form of a mystic symbol of power. Suddenly some sort of mystical blast, perhaps fire in nature, pours out from the mystical seal in an all-out blast, incinerating most of the Goblin Gourd, and leaving very few pieces to fall to the ground. Tarot, finished with her mission asks Jon if he needs any help, he says no as he is just "finishing up", but that if she would like to, she can feel free, and so she pulls a few discs, bearing a symbol resembling the Star of David and throws all of them at once, so that they destroy the flying pumpkins that are attacking Jon, effortlessly doing what he was struggling to do.

    Skeleton Man is quick to compliment the lovely Tarot on her throw but just as quick to return his mind to the mission, and concentrate on getting through the doors, but Tarot, a lot less optimistic than Jon says they are not to go through the front doors, for more minions are likely to await them there, rather, they shall get into the tower with magick.

    So sliding her own arms under his, she flies into the air, bringing him with her until they reach one of the faces near the top of the tower, entering into it through one of the glowing eyes, illuminated by lights from within, and without any barrier to separate the inside from the outside. Tarot appears to be quick to rage as she shouts out her challenge almost immediately, "Raven! Show yourself, I know you're in here!"

    Raven though seems to be unworried by her sister's arrival and instead reveals she's been expecting Tarot, and she continues to play the innocent one. Tarot, still infuriated, begins to yell at her sister about how Raven will only be ruining witchkind, not helping it, that the Goddess' power cannot be used in such a way. Raven remains uncaring for her sister's cries and tells her that one day she will thank Raven for what she is doing, ushering in a new age of witchery.

    Finally, Raven summons two pumpkins which sprout vines that wrap around the limbs of both Tarot and Jon, raising them up in the air, leaving them immobile for Raven sees it best for everyone if they do not leave the tower til everything is done. Tarot continues to shout at her sister, but it is futile, the deed is done, and the two heroes are trapped, but still their banter continues, Tarot proclaiming Raven's practice of the dark magicks as wrong and telling her that what she is doing is breaking witch law but Raven seems to be dead to the logic of her sister.

    Raven begins to speak, almost as if entranced, of a witch utopia she will create, a place where all the negative things of the world will be a thing of the past and they shall all bask in the warmth of The Goddess. But Tarot continues to try and stop her sister, telling her that what she will do this night will only make man fear witches even more, and a second burning time will come, countless witches will die all because of Raven's impatience.

    Raven seems confident that Tarot is wrong, and without waiting for anymore argument, Raven vanishes, leaving a little bit of smoke behind, as she goes off to make mankind pay for what they have done. Jon and Tarot remain entangled, high above the floor of the tower and Jon asks Tarot why she can't just teleport them out with her magick to which she explains that a binding spell keeps her magick from working inside the tower BUT she tells him that they are indeed not helpless.

    The Joys of Love
    The Joys of Love

    Calling Pooka, the winged cat comes to its mistress and she orders it to free Jon first from his bindings, the cat does so with gusto, clawing at the pumpkin that holds him up until its grip is loosened and Jon falls to the floor, landing badly, but none the worse for wear. Than Pooka frees Tarot and she too begins to fall, right into the arms of Skeleton Man who jokingly says, "I gotcha witchy girl!"

    Suddenly everything goes still, the smiles slowly fading from their faces and the two stare into one another's eyes, Jon removes his mask, and the lips of the two meet in a wave of passion, Tarot still held in Jon's arms.


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