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I can't believe I haven't reviewed this issue yet, but you know what they say, "Better late, than never." Anyways, this is without a doubt one of my favorite comics within the series, if not my all-time favorite. This comic is the classic story of facing your fears, only to realize their not your fears but someone else's and that they are stronger than you, but choosing to stand up and fight them nonetheless, sacrificing yourself for someone you love. Yep, that's basically it, but, throw in the creature of Sleepy Hollow, the ever stunningly beautiful Tarot, a skeleton man, some fantastical guardians, an angry Raven Hex and you've got yourself a masterpiece. I loved this issue! Tarot fights the Headless Horsemen, her worst fear, but as her mother and boyfriend become threatened by their own fears she decides to take a stand, the Black Rose Coven at her back. She takes on the punishment that is due her sister and for it, lives are lost, including her own. Her mother and Jon take her to New Avalon, but Raven doesn't listen, she is merely angry at humanity...and all the while, Tarot is passing...

If you don't understand why I love this series, read this issue.

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    WHAT!?!? No resolution at the end of this three part story?!?! It continues?!?!Gawd, okay, this issue is one of the tops I've read so far.Unlike the previous two entries, this one is almost exclusively about Tarot, Tarot's mom, and Skeleton Man... and their epic battle against the Headless Horsemen.Tarot, who due to a childhood fear is terrorized by the sight of this Headless Horseman has to basically fight this thing by herself. I dunno, but I can think of many better things to do if I was a...

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