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Boo Cat and Licorice Dust have a date at the Salem Playground and on the way to meet Boo recalls how she became a werecat and Licorice on how she became a vampire. Boo recounts a few stories of past dates to her friend, an aroma witch, as she prepares a gift for her girlfriend. However in the woods not far behind her a growling predator stalks her and may prevent the young werecat from the rendezvous with her vampire lover.

The story begins in January during a full moon in Salem Massachusetts. Boo Cat, in her human form, is under the moon removing her clothing and transforming into her werecat form. As she does so she begins to recall the occasion of her very first transformation.

As a young girl, skyclad, with the rest of her werecat family and the cuddly pride she was prepared under the full moon on Halloween night. She was anointed with nine ritual oils and prepared for the change and under the autumn moon transformed for the first time, due to the exact night she was blessed with the orange markings on her torso resembling a jac-o-lantern. The change complete she was given a cat bath ritualistically by the rest of her pride and welcomed into the family.

Back in the present, Boo Cat fastened her red hood as the snow begins to fall and picks up her basket, and in a very Little Red Riding Hood fashion hurries off to get a gift for her girlfriend Licky D in time for their date. From the edge of the woods a pair of yellow eyes watch her from behind the leaves.

Meanwhile in Salem, waiting at the playground, Licorice Dust sucks on a red lolly pop as she waits on her date. To her surprise three of her vampire sisters, dressed as cheerleaders, arrive and the four girls remember the last time they were together at that very playground.

In high school the four were refused the opportunity to try out as cheerleaders for the school so they gathered at the playground that night, burned their school uniforms and formed their own squad. Giving each other candy related names and all adopted the last name "Dust" and thus the sisterhood was born. It was there that they met the vampire who made them, a tall pale specter with long white hair, he bit each of them then they drank his blood and the transformation was complete. Shocked to find that he intended to enslave them, three of the girls began to seduce him allowing Licorice to sneak up behind him and impale him with an sharpened piece of a field hockey stick right through his heart. Taking his skull as a souvenir, which one of the cheerleaders reveals she still has and brought with her.

The vampires continue to explain how later that night in high school they made their cheerleader uniforms and went to surprise the squad that had been so mean to them earlier that day. Hiding in their lockers like vampires in their coffins the dark squad of vampire cheerleaders scares the high school cheerleaders confronting them about the mean way they were treated for being different. The vampires then command an army of rats who leap from the lockers and slaughter the girls in a horrific bloodbath.

Across town Boo Cat leaps across the roof of the house of seven gables letting her self in through the window to find an aroma witch who greets her with a smile as he continues to prepare his potion. Boo Cat requests from him two oils as a gift for Licorice, one to remind her of Boo and the other to reflect herself, Boo describes them as needing to be "seductive, creepy, and cuddly."

As the aroma witch engages in his craft Boo reminisces on a previous date when she wanted to take a romantic photo of them together, however since Licorice is a vampire her image could not be captured on standard film. Instead she rented and "Aura Camera" that showed the essence of the vampire and two spent the night making love and documenting the whole thing in a photo album.

On yet another date Boo received a pair of high heels from her girlfriend and the two played a round of miniature golf completely naked. However they got so distracted with each other at each hole that before they knew it it was almost sunrise and they had to take shelter in the courses miniature castle. The sun returned Boo to her human form but would have a fatal effect on Licorice, so Boo pressed her body against the windows of the little castle sheltering her lover from the sun but putting her private parts on display to the world for the entire day. Once the sun set they departed, however since the moon was no longer full Boo remanded in human form, they planed to play through but were surprised by the grounds keeper and Licorice flew them to safety.

Back in the present the aroma witch bemoans his solitary life laughing as he explains the misunderstanding Boo says lead to the towns children thinking he boils human bodies to make his oils. Just then Boos hearing picks something up outside right as a snarling werewolf bursts through the window attacking her, his long claws grabbing at her slender wrists his mouth full of razor sharp teeth cursing her for consorting with mortal witches and mating with vampires.

The beast twists Boo's arm behind her back and puts his long claws on her behind intending to rape her. The aroma witch attempts to defend her only to get the wolfs sharp teeth clamped down on his forearm. Freeing herself long enough to strike the beast and leap from the window to freedom Boo takes to the woods with the werewolf close behind her. The wolf curses her for abandoning her nature saying she was "Given fangs and claws to rip into soft flesh not to sleep with it." Boo screams back that she is welcome by her family and her clan and will be more than happy to rip into the flesh of the werewolf then and there.

As the two battle Boo rips at the werewolf's cheeks and pulls off his ears but the beast over powers her and pushes her to the ground mounting her intent on mating her "dead or alive." As the forces his long pointed tongue into Boo Cats mouth she clamps down, biting it off, then kicking him and impaling him on a crescent moon shaped sun dial before pushing him down an open well. The aroma witch, having bandaged his arm, comes to check on Boo who assures him she is alright.

An hour later back at the Salem playground Boo arrives finally ready for her date and finds her girlfriend handing upside down from the jungle gym where the two kiss in a very 'Spider-man/Mary-Jane' fashion. Boo shows her girlfriend the tiny bottles from the aroma witch, one labeled for Licorice Dust and one for Boo Cat, Licky D loves them and shows Boo her surprise. She has invited her vampire cheer squad to join them on their date, Boo is overjoyed and the four girls fall into each others arms in the snow beneath the jungle gym.







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