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    Many centuries ago, witches were burned at the stake for their “crimes”, they possessed magic gained from two books: one a book of light, the other of darkness. The latter book was forbidden and so kept hidden by the Witches of the Black Rose who swore never to open it. But now, one witch has gone against this law and with the newly acquired book could cause unimaginable harm to the world…


    Raven Hex, Tarot’s sister, has stolen the forbidden book from the Black Rose Coven and is intent on learning to raise the dead and start a war with humanity. Tarot has sworn to find her sister and get the book back. First, she must prepare. She does so by donning her magical armor. She then packs the Sword of the Black Rose, a mystical weapon handed down from previous generations. Tarot’s mother fears for her safety and offers to search for Raven together. Tarot refuses this aid, as she has seen danger for her mother in the tarot cards she carries. Tarot puts her mother’s mind at rest, however, by stating that the cards have pointed her to a man that can help her. She leaves to find that man.

    In downtown Salem, two men, Pierce and Kreskin, begin smashing pumpkins at a house they presume to be empty. A man rushes out at them with a baseball bat and the two men run. They narrowly escape into an alley. They think they are safe, but are quickly captured by demonized jack-o-lanterns.

    The men are taken to Raven Hex and she commands them to bring her a body from the cemetery. The men accept the task and hire a digger. Once the casket is exhumed, however, the ghost of the occupant, a two-head girl, cries for help in protecting her body. The Skeleton Man, protector of the dead in the Salem Woods Cemetery, confronts the men before they can return to Raven. He fights Pierce and Kreskin and beats them into submission, but the hired hand breaks away with the casket. The Skeleton Man calls his deceased dog, Wraith, to come help. The dog pounces the man just inside the cemetery fence; the casket lands just outside the gates.

    The Skeleton Man attempts to retrieve the coffin but is met by huge, demonized jack-o-lanterns. He is in luck – Tarot has arrived and begins hacking at the pumpkins with her sword. The two fight tooth and nail but one of the creatures is able to escape with the casket. The Skeleton Man is livid and confused. Tarot touches him and the two feel an odd spark. For him, it seems only a shock. For her, an emotion from seemingly years of romance floods her consciousness and the Romance tarot card flashes across her mind. She pushes these thoughts aside and informs him that he is the man she is looking for to help find her sister. He is willing to help if it means getting that coffin back.



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