Tarn the Uncaring

    Character » Tarn the Uncaring appears in 43 issues.

    Omega Level Mutant geneticist from Arakko who conducts twisted experiments on Arakki mutants to grow the ranks of his Locus Vile. Tarn sit on The Seat of Loss at The Great Ring of Arakko.

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    Tarn is a "genomic mage" and leader of the Locus Vile, a cult of Amenthi mutants who pledged themselves to his service so that they might be transformed by his power. He is also a member of the Great Ring, the governing body of Arakko, which means that he is an Omega-level mutant as no non-Omega has ever been allowed to be a member of the Great Ring.


    Tarn is an Omega-level Amenthian mutant/daemon hybrid with psionic magical powers.

    • Genetic Manipulation: Tarn is said to be able to bend the helix to his will and alter DNA structure, which he uses to force mutants into new and horrifying stages of mutation or remove their powers.
    • Longevity: Tarn been alive for a 1,000+ years
    • Super-strength: Tarn displayed low levels of enhanced physicals.
    • Telepathy: Tarn is capable of reading minds and was able to scan the thoughts of Mister Sinister to uncover Sinister's true reasons for foraying into Arakko.
    • Telekinesis: Tarn was able to kill Sinister telekinetically by slicing his body into pieces.


    • Tarn's abilities to manipulate biology is psychokinetic in nature. Magneto's Helmet was able to prevent Tarn from accessing his powers.

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