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Milestone Media


Charles Bell a.k.a. Tarmack is a Bang Baby who ends up working for Holocaust as his right-hand man for his new criminal empire. Due to his weakness to extreme climate changes, Tarmack was easily defeated by Static. Despite being weak in willpower, Tarmack has proven to be extremely resilient.

My Name Is Holocaust

Tarmack is later seen still working for Holocaust, who now calls himself Pyre when he joins The Coalition. Tarmack is often paired with Bad Betty.

Milestone Forever

Tarmack is seen on Holocaust's Blood Syndicate. He was quickly defeated by Hardware.

In Other Media

Static Shock

Tarmack in Static Shock
Tarmack in Static Shock

Tarmack is seen in Season 4 episode 9 "Rubber Meets The Road". Tarmack is seen in a slightly dimwitted henchmen hired by Specs and Trapper to steal a powerful fusion reactor for a cheap price. He was defeated by the combined efforts of Static and Rubberband Man.

Tarmack is voiced by John DiMaggio

Tarmack's appearance from the comic books was the basis (along with the Shadow Cabinet's Shadowslide technology) for creating one of the main villains of the cartoon show, Ebon.


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