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    A mix breed species living in Outworld. Tarkatans are mixed from native Outworlders and netherrealm demons.

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    Tarkatan are a nomadic species indigenous to Outworld. The species was born through the breeding of Outworld residence and Netherrealm demons resulting in this savage crossbreed. Tarkatans often ally themselves with the strongest power in the area so they stay on top.


    Tarkatans are a humanoid in shape, but have noticeable differences from both Humans and Outworlders. Tarkatans have long teeth and elongated mouths and thin long tongues. Tarkatans posses enhanced strength and a durable healing factor. This allowed Baraka to survive being sliced in half vertically by Kung Lao. The tarkatans claim to fame though has to be the bone blades that grow and extend from their forearms. These blades vary in size and general shape and are a point of pride for the Tarkatans. The retractable blades are very sturdy and can slice through bone and stone with enough pressure. Tarkatans have an enhanced sense of smell that allow for tracking and identification.


    Tarkatans are known to be brutish and savage. They are plagued by constant infighting to determine which one is the strongest which keeps their numbers down, but makes the ones left that much stronger. Tarkatans have animalistic behavior and enjoy causing pain and suffering to their enemies. They will constantly follow the strongest in command switching alliances between Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Onaga, The Deadly Alliance, and any other bidders for power. The Tarkatans do this as a means of surviving Outworlds power struggles, seeing themselves as a prize for the strongest.


    Tarkatans have nothing in the form of technology. They live nomadic lives in Outworlds wastelands with male Tarkatans joining Shao Kahns army when they become of age and if they survive the Blood Ritual. Tarkatans live in caves and run down villages when not in service to a another. During Shao Kahns invasion of Earthrealm Tarkatans were provided modern weaponry ranging from RPG's, shotguns, assault rifles, and explosives from Kano and the Black Dragon Clan. Kano provided the arms as a means to win Shao Kahns favor and was instructed to train the Tarkatan hordes in its use.

    Notable Members:


    The main Tarkatan featured in Mortal Kombat. Baraka is the current leader and one of Shao Kahns personal fighters. Baraka shows greater intelligence than Tarkatans normally show allowing him to become leader quickly. Baraka like all Tarkatan follows the strongest which is usually Shao Kahn.


    Only featured in the cartoon Karbrac was a temporary leader during Baraka's absence after the invasion of Earthrealm. He was just as savage and brutish as Baraka though not as smart.


    The half Tarkatan and half Edenian clone of princess Kitana. Mileena was Shang Tsung's and Shao Kahn's attempt at making a suitable princess for Outworld. Mileena lacks the Tarkatan blades but did get access to Edenian magic allowing for teleportation. She is in a love/hate relationship with Baraka

    Powers and Abilities:

    Blades and Teeth

    Tarkatans are well equipped for battle. They have blades in each arm that are extendable at will allowing Tarkatans a deadly weapon whenever they want. Tarkatans are also equipped with long pointed teeth useful for biting.

    Healing Factor

    Tarkatans have a natural healing factor that allows them to survive all but the most grievous of injuries. Baraka once survived being sliced in half vertically, but was forced to staple his halves together for a time.

    Martial Arts

    Tarkatans are a warrior species, they pride themselves on the ability to kill strong opponents. They are vicious fighters.

    Superhuman Strength

    Tarkatans are noted for being physically stronger than a normal human. Their exact strength level hasn't been defined.


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