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    The leader of a wookie tribe at the end of the Clone Wars, Tarfful was know as a wise and caring individual and a personal friend to Grand master Yoda. He was also a feared warrior who tore throught his enemies such as Trandoshins and battle droids with ease. He participated in the Battle of Kashyyk leading his troops by Yoda's side.

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    Tarfful was the leader of the Kachiro tribe for decades. He had proven himself a cautious, caring, and trustworthy indivisual. Tarfful though still maintained his warrios edge by excersing regularly and hunting in the shadowlands of Kashyyk. Before the Clone Wars broke out, Tarfful spent years fighting Trandoshan slavers, trying to keep his tribes members out of slavery. After one mission Tarfful was lost and his tribe assumed he had died fighting the slavers. Tarfful however had been captured and was being prepared to be handed over to General Grievous since he knew the secrets of the wookiees. Delta Squad of the Republic Commandos was tasked with the rescue mission. Delta Squad was able to eliminate most of the slavers along with their battle droid reinforcements. Tarfful managed to destroy one of the IG Magnguards attempting to drag him onboard General Grievous' ship. Delta Squad would then escort Tarfful back to his tribe. 
    About halfway into the Clone Wars Tarffuls right hand wookiee Chewbacca was captured by the Trandoshan slavers. Knowing first hand the horrors of the slavers and knowing their location thanks to Chewbacca putting together a crud transponder, Tarfful set out with some wookiee warriors to Waaskah where he was being held. Wasskah was used like a game preserve by the Trandoshans where they would hunt worthy quarry like wookiees and jedi padawans. Tarfful managed to resuce his friend along with serveral padawans including Anakin Skywalkers padawan Ashoka Tano. 
    Tarfuuls next action was during the Clone Wars era Battle of Kashyyk where he helped plan the troop placement with Jedi generals Quinlan Vos and Luminara Unduli and lent his wookiee warriors for the battle. Tarfful even lead a charde against hte CIS army with Quinlan Vos and Chewbacca. During the battle while in the observation tower Tarfful and Chewbacca were witness to Order 66 when two Scout Troopers tried to kill Master Yoda. After this betrayl Tarfful and Chewbacca went on to escort Yoda to his escape pod while dodging and killing many Clone Troopers. Tarfful watched has his friend escaped Kashyyk and wished him luck. 
    Months after the Clone Wars ended Tarfful was vistied by six Jedi lead by Olee Starstone who came looking for any Jedi that may have escaped Order 66. Tarfful became one of the generals durning the second Battle at Kashyyk where the Empire invaded. Despite putting up a valiant effort and utiziling old seperatist weapons the wookiees and jedi lost that day. Grand Moff Tarkin would bargin with the Trandoshin slavers and use wookiee slaves in construction of the first Death Star. This was the fate of Tarfful who was rounded up and shipped of as a slave. It is unknown if he either was killed enroute or participated in a wookiee rebellion onboard the Death Star during Starkillers duel with the Dark Lords 
    As a wookiee Tarfful was a lot stronger than any normal human and he even seemed bulky by wookiee standards when compared to Chewbacca who was note for his strength. Tarfful was known as a cunning tactician who helped plan the defense alongside Yoda, Luminara, and Quinlan Vos during the Clone Wars and gave the Empire a much harder fight during the Great Jedi Purge


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