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W.i.t.c.h. Braniac

Taranee, as the Guardian of Fire, can spontaneously generate and manipulate flame and heat. In the basic application of her power is exstinguishing fire and throwing fire, bombarding her opponent with fireballs in varying intensity and size. She soon learns to throw whirling discs of fire and create large wildfires and infernos with a thought Later she uses her powers in more advanced techniques such as like using pure thermal energy as a defensive barrier that vaporizes nearly all projectiles, breathing fire, shooting a pinpoint flame from her finger.

Using the more thermokinetic aspect of her Guardian powers, Taranee can sense nearby sources of heat and releasing concussive bursts of heat called heat waves. She can manipulate the temperature of an object by thoughts, melting it by adding it to its heat or making it brittle by taking away the objects heat. She has accomplished the feat of absorbing the heat of others like she did with Nerissa's soldier, Ember, who was fire made flesh.

Taranee is a potentially powerful telepath, able to read, project, and percieve thoughts. She can project her thoughts outwards similar to talking and is the center of the special psychic link between all the Guardians. When she uses her telepathic powers, flames flash in her eyes and, in some cases, as a reflection on her glasses. She also has psychically-based superhuman awareness and understanding able to sense the presence of others by just being in the vicinity and understanding the concepts of dreams almost instantly. Her psychic power in conjunction with her intelligence makes her an extremely valuable ally.

The Inner Taranee Cook

Taranee loves academics and taking pictures. She also loves old fashioned music and other stuffs. She is romantically involved with a boy named Nigel. This caused her to create white lies that caused her mother to stop her from going out with Nigel. Though, her brother Peter Cook who is romantically involved with her friend Cornelia, was very supportive, later on, her parents agreed with her feelings with this guy. On later issues, Taranee and Nigel part ways as they realized different differences.

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