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    Taramis is a fictional character created by Robert E. Howard in the novel "A Witch Shall be Born". She appeared for the first time in comic book format in "Savage Sword of Conan 5" and was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema.


    Taramis was born together to her twin sister Salome. They were the daughters of the Queen, rruler of Kauran. But due to a unfortunate birth mark on Salome, she was left for dead by her family, and Taramis grew believing she died during childbirth. When she around her 20s, she become Queen of Khauran and her captain of the guard was Conan the Cimmerian, who she trusted with all her life. One day an exiled mercenary, Constantius approached Khauran with his army of Shemite mercenaries, who asked for her hand in marriage but she refused. She accepted to let the army pass through Khauran to Turan, but unbeknownst to her, he was in league with Salome, wishing to conquer the throne of Kauran.

    At that same night, Salome appeared before her, revealing her story and intentions of impersonating her sister and ruling the sister in her stead. Taramis was imprisoned by her sister, who brought the people of Khauran to their knees. The Shemite mercenaries did as they liked, taking every woman they desired for themselves, selling any discontent citizens as slaves, while everyone believed Tharamis has gone insane.

    The true queen however was being tortured, physically and mentally, as well raped by Constantius himself and his men. Her Captain Conan was captured and supposedly crucified in the desert, left to die but he was saved by a band of Zuagir warriors. After taking command of the tribe, he sought to liberate the city and save the queen. Conan and some soldiers used the secret passages under the city walls and reached the prison where Taramis was being kept.

    However, Salome and her servants slew all of the soldier, except Conan and kidnapped Taramis with the purpose to sacrifice her to Thaug, a demon that Salome worshiped. Conan followed them and during the scuffle, Salome is mortally wounded and he takes Taramis outside of the temple. The revelation that the people were being oppressed by a impostor enraged them making them turn against the Shemites. With her last breath, Salome called Thaug to kill them all but he was destroyed by Zuagir arrows. Taramis was the Queen of Khauran once again thanks to Conan.

    Other Media


    Conan the Destroyer (1984)

    Sarah Douglas as Taramis
    Sarah Douglas as Taramis

    Taramis was a queen of Shadizar who asked Conan to accompany her niece Jehnna in a quest to find the jeweled horn of dreaming god, Dagoth. She promised Conan to resurrect his beloved Valeria in return for his services. She never intended to keep her part of a bargain though; Bombaata, her captain of the guard, was secretly asked to kill Conan after the task is complete. After Bombaata and Jehnna returned, Taramis was going to sacrifice her niece, but Conan and his friends sneaked into the palace just in time to interrupt the ritual. Taramis was killed by the enraged Dagoth. This incarnation of Taramis is drastically different than the original one from the books. Ironically enough, she is much closer to the evil Salome (being a evil sorceress who worships a demonic creature) than the gentle and fair Queen Taramis.

    Queen Taramis was played by Sarah Douglas.


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