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    Tara is a barbarian warrior from Skartaris, and the Queen of Shamballah. She is married to Travis Morgan (also known as the Warlord) and is the mother to their son, Joshua (Tinder) and daughter Morgana.

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    Princess Tara
    Princess Tara

    Tara is a princess of Shamballah (also referred to as the Golden City in the world of Skartaris), a world found deep within the center of the Earth. While battling a dinosaur, Travis Morgan (a displaced army pilot) arrived to assist her. After defeating the creature together, Tara taught him all she knew about fighting. In return, Travis gave her his broken watch which she regarded as a talisman. Soon afterwards, the two were separated by a band of slaves-makers which resulted in Travis being captured. Throughout their history together, Travis and Tara maintained and continued their relationship despite many separations and trials. In time, they married and she was made Queen of Shamballah after the death of her father.


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    Tara is a DC character created by Mike Grell. Her first appearance was in "First Issue Special" #8 where the story of the Warlord was first introduced.

    Character Evolution

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    Tara was raised in a world where everyone learned at an early age to be proficient in battle and she excellent, arguably become the most skilled warrior of Skartaris. Being the sole heir to the Shamballah crown, Tara had many restrictions placed upon her, including the prevention of marrying her first love, Graemore who was not of noble birth. Tara however was always mindful of her duties and was willing to do anything for her people, including marrying another warlord of a rival kingdom to halt hostilities between them. Despite being in love with Travis Morgan who she had not seen since they parted ways after he saved her from slave traders, she insisted on carrying through with the wedding - even when her true love unexpectedly arrived. Fortunately the groom recognized the two were destined to be mates and refused to come between then, agreeing to a peace accord between the two kingdoms.

    She become Queen at the death of her father and ruled well, proving herself to be a brilliant tactician and fair ruler. Despite constant challenges and tragedy crossing her path, Tara remained strong and resilient matching the man she married, Warlord.

    Major Story Arcs

    Tara & Graemore
    Tara & Graemore

    During the first separation between Tara and Travis, Tara fell out of love with Graemor - a childhood love whom her father refused to allow her to marry. At one point she was willing to marry a rival lord to end wars between their people, but when the lord discovered she was in love with Travis he relented, claiming Tara was clearly the Warlord's mate and he wouldn't stand in their way.

    After Tara gave birth to their son Joshua (named after Travis' father), the baby was captured by their enemy Deimos. The evil sorcerer had the child grow into manhood within hours to battle the Warlord (as Travis was eventually referred as) but Joshua was killed accidentally at the hands of the Warlord, devastating Tara.

    Years later, Tara discovered her son was alive and that the baby forced to grow into a man had been a clone. Tragically, Tinder killed his father by accident as well. Honouring his father's legacy, Joshua took up the mantel of the Warlord.

    Shortly after Travis Morgan died, Tara gave birth to their daughter Morgana, an extremely powerful sorceress who was described by her half-sister Jennifer as "pure magic."

    The series ended with the portal leading into Skartaris closing permanently.


    It seems that Tara and the citizens of Skartaris perished during the events of Convergence.

    Powers and Abilities

    Possessing incredible skills.
    Possessing incredible skills.

    Tara Morgan is considered incredibly skilled in battle through swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat and agility.


    Marital Status: Married

    Known Relatives: Travis Morgan (husband), Joshua a.k.a. Tinder and new Warlord (son), Morgana (daughter), Jennifer Morgan (stepdaughter)

    Title: Queen of Shamballah (Skartaris)

    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 121lbs.

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Auburn

    Movies/Games/TV Shows/Alternate Universes/etc.

    Animated Tara
    Animated Tara

    Tara appeared in a children's television show along with other characters from the Warlord series.


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