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    Tara is a gynoid construct that works with the Invaders.

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    Invader-1 is a US construct acting as a special agent and/or weapon, placed on the new Invaders team. While on a mission fighting U-Man, one of Tara's programs activated, revealing that she was actually created by Red Skull. A self-distruct initializes, but the Human Torch sacrifices himself absorbing her excess heat and shut her down. Her current status is "deactivated," and it is not known if she can be reactivated.


    Tara was created by Chuck Austen and Scott Kolins, and she first appeared in Avengers #83, August 2004.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tara can generate and control a high-temp, flame-like plasma, which she can use as a weapon as well as propelling herself in flight. Initially, she did not have control of this "flame" and she was given a skinsuit (designed by the Thin Man) that gave her better control.


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