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    Tapeworm is a villain, originally an enemy of Robin.

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    Tapeworm was first seen as one of the prisoners of the Veteran's military group. He was broken out of prison by the OMACs, and kept in their containment chambers. When the OMACs began killing everybody, Tapeworm managed to escape with about fifty other villains. He fled to Blüdhaven. There he ran into Robin (Tim Drake), and the Shadowpact. Tapeworm managed to escape, and gather the other villains. They fought Robin and Shadowpact again, and were soundly defeated.

    He was one of the villains stranded on planet Salvation, who sided with the Joker.

    Tapeworm led the ambush on the Justice Society, and was defeated by Damage, who made much of his lower body explode. Considering that he was able to regrow it in almost no time at all before, this is likely only a minor setback for Tapeworm.


    Tapeworm is able to grow his body to extraordinary lengths. If severed or damaged, he can grow it back. Strangely, Tapeworm also has a horrific smell.

    Tapeworm has been shown to use his long body like a constrictor to crush his victims.

    He can grow segments at an astronomical rate, so that he can stretch high up.


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