Tao's Criminal Organization

    Team » Tao's Criminal Organization appears in 44 issues.

    Tao founded a global enterprise comprising both a stateless irregular army and a transnational criminal organization.

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    The organization originated sometime after 2002 following Tao's departure from the WildC.A.T.s when Tao began drawing followers to him to strike around the world. Tao's ultimate goal is to plunge the world into chaos.


    Ed Brubaker created Tao's organization in Point Blank. It featured prominently in Sleeper by Brubaker and Sean Phillips.

    Team Evolution

    Tao has been the head of the organization since its inception.

    Tao's top agents, the Prodigals, are Peter Grimm, Miss Misery and Steeleye. Upon Steeleye's death, Holden Carver is promoted to Prodigal.

    Despite the capture of Tao by Internal Operations and the deaths of the Prodigals, the organization continued to operate. Tao escaped from I.O. custody and relocated his organization's base to Salt Lake City. Blackwolf, Pit Bull and Blue Meanie continue as soldiers for Tao.

    Main Story Arcs

    Aware that International Operations/Internal Operations is actively working to infiltrate his organization, Tao has also placed his own agents within I.O., as well as other major intelligence and law enforcement agencies.



    The organization is run by Tao. Tao's enterprise is hierarchical with Tao at the top of the pyramid.

    The Prodigals are Tao's top agents. The Prodigals are Peter Grimm, Miss Misery and Holden Carver.

    Command Structure

    The Torpedoes function as the lieutenants. There are approximately thirty torpedoes at any given time.

    The Blackguards serve as soldiers.

    The Quislings are small-time criminals at the fringes of the organization, sometimes doing work-for-hire.

    Prodigals and Torpedoes may run crews consisting of other operatives. One notable crew named "The Hounds" is led by Holden Carver and consists of Blackwolf and Pit Bull.

    Global Reach

    Tao's organization is capable of striking around the world. It has bases all over the world, both in countrysides and underground in cities. The bases are disguised by technology designed by Tao to render them invisible and patrolled by Blackguards.


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