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    Character » Tanya Spears appears in 66 issues.

    The most intelligent 16-year-old on the planet, Tanya Spears has inherited the mantle of Power Girl from Earth-2's Karen Starr. A former member of Teen Titans, she now works for S.T.A.R. Labs and operates solo.

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    Tanya Spears is the daughter of the scientist, Somya Spears. At age 16, Tanya is already a postdoc at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She worked at Starr Industries, where she helped Huntress retrieve stolen isotopes so that she and Power Girl could return to Earth-2.

    After Power Girl and Huntress used a portal to return to Earth-2, Tanya found she had suddenly gained superhuman abilities much like Power Girl's. It seems that Power Girl passed on her mantel to Tanya through as of yet unknown means of giving the human her powers. Even with her considerable intellect, Tanya is unsure of how she acquired her new powers, but hypothesizes that it was because of her proximity to the portal to Earth-2 when it collapsed.

    Since gaining her powers Tanya has joined the Teen Titans and has been an active member ever since.


    Tanya Spears was created by Paul Levitz and first appeared in 2014's World's Finest #23.

    Major Story Arcs

    Powers & Abilities

    Tanya Spears possesses a genius level intellect science.

    Following transformation into the new Power Girl, she has displayed superhuman strength, invulnerability, and flight. In addition to these powers Tanya also has the ability to increase her size and although the upper limits as of now are unknown she has shown to be able to grow as tall as an average building.


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