Character » Tantra appears in 24 issues.

    Tantra was a mutant with an elephant like appearance, and was a student at the Xavier institute.

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    Brief History

    Tantra, whose appearance resembles that of an elephant, is one of the many young mutants that have enrolled in the Xavier Institute.
    When Sage and Bishop went to the Institute while investigating a murder, Emma Frost had some of her students, including Tantra, tease them. Tantra used his powers to make Bishop kiss a tree. Sage and Bishop overcame the students' manipulations and stopped Tantra and the others from continuing it further. Tantra lost his mutant powers after the M-Day (powerloss confirmed in New Avengers #18). He was presumably killed in William Stryker's missile attack on the former students.
    Note: Tantra should not be mistaken for Mammomax, another elephant-like mutant who appeared in the same time period and was also staying at Xavier's.


    Tantra casts energy flares that manipulate the libido of other people, causing them to become extremely aroused by anything he chooses.       




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