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Tangerine is first mentioned in Excalibur #54, by Widget, with the line "Stop, Tangerine."

Major Story Arcs

Days of Future Yet to Come

It's not until issue #66 that we actually find out what all that was about. This issue all the UK heroes of Earth-8410 have gathered together at the same time, this includes heroes such as: Dark Angel, Motormouth & Killpower, Knights of Pendragon, Death’s Head and Union Jack. But amongst their number is one young woman we’ve never seen before. This woman has a ginger Afro and big rimmed sunglasses.

In her appearance in this arc, she used her powers as a sort of "early warning" system and to read the mind of Widget. In #67 all the heroes travel to The Hive, where the other heroes had been holding up. Only the Sentinels had found them. Simply by being in the area Tangerine relived the moments of their death, literally, from memories present in the area felt the deaths of hundreds of heroes around her.

When Captain Britain started experiencing a series of 'Future-echoes' showing him glimpses of what was to come.

Days of future tense

We see her next in Excalibur issue #94, where the Sentinels have killed everybody of relevance, and it is down to Wolfsbane, Captain Britain and Meggan, Pete Wisdom, Karma, Psylocke, and Tangerine!

This Tangerine is much different than her counterpart however, she has long hair, the glasses are there, but they're not round anymore; all round this is black ops and black leather re-envisioning.

Where the early Tangerine seemed to very respectful of the use of her powers, this Tangerine is not. She wanders around the heads of her team-mates as she pleases - their thoughts, their memories... their dreams.

MI:13 and Beyond

She has now appeared in 616 continuity. Tangerine assisted MI: 13 in their fight against Dracula's army of vampires as they attempted to invade Britain. She was among the strike force supported by SAS agents that took on Dracula's main army on the surface of the moon. She was said to have returned from fighting against the Mandarin.

Powers & Abilities

Tangerine was a skilled telepath with a variety of abilities. She could sense people's emotions (but not control them), sense when enemies were approaching, she could create bio electrical blasts that would attack a foe's nervous system, she also had the gift of psychometry.


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