Character » Tanalth appears in 24 issues.

    The best hunter and tracker of the Kree Empire.

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    Tanalth is a Kree warrior who replaced Korath as leader of the Pursuer Corps. She is feared by her allies and enemies as well and has been praised by the Supreme Intelligence for her skill and making the Pursuers as powerful as the Kree Accuser Corps.


    Tanalth was created by All-New Invaders writer James Robinson and artist Steve Pugh.

    Other Media


    Marvel Avengers Alliance 2

    Tanalth in Marvel Avengers Alliance 2
    Tanalth in Marvel Avengers Alliance 2

    Tanalth is a villain in the game. She is bruiser class.

    Her bio in the game says: Tanalth is an elite member of the alien Kree's Pursuer Corps, a military taskforce responsible for hunting fugitives of the Kree Empire. The Pursuer Corps works alongside the Kree Accuser Corps to protect the Empire's interests and enforce its judgments.


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