Tana Moon

    Character » Tana Moon appears in 83 issues.

    She was the journalist that first covered Superboy/man. She was his first real friend and then his first love. Tragically killed by the hands of Amanda Spence with a bomb-necklace, all to hurt Superboy.

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    Tana Moon was created by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett in 1993 as a supporting character to Superboy.

    Character Evolution

    When Superboy escaped from Project Cadmus, he goes to the Daily Planet. While at the Planet he met the beautiful Tana Moon and was extremely attracted to her. Superboy later sees Tana leaving a building and sweeps her into the sky. While flying through the skies high above Metropolis he agrees to give her an exclusive interview after learning she is an anchorwoman for the Galaxy Network Broadcasting.

    Eventually Tana's fame rises as a result of being Superboy's reporter and she decides to part ways with the young hero in order to make a name for herself. While working in Hawaii Tana meets Superboy once again and the two begin working together again. In time Tana fell in love with Superboy but there relationship was often strained by the lack of maturity on his part.

    Tana and Superboy separated while he and Knockout were on the run from the law. Ultimately, Knockout turned out to be one of Darkseid's Female Furies and a murderer so Superboy defeated her and returned to his true love Tana. Unfortunately, shortly after reuniting with Superboy Tana gave crucial information to Amanda Spence, who was posing as a reporter at the time. The information helped Amanda Spence and the Agenda capture Superboy and create a clone of him named Match. After this Tana leaves again, only to find herself caught in the middle of Superboy's battle with The Agenda. During the battle she is captured and killed by the vengeful Amanda Spence. Tana's death marked the end of innocence for Superboy, leading him to lead a more responsible life.


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