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Tambourine is one of the first two demons that Piccolo Daimao created. He was sent to Kill the martial artists, the most notable name that he killed is Krillian.

Powers and Abilities

Tambourine is a mutated Namekian created by King Piccolo with the purpose to hunt down and eliminate human martial artists. He was given enough power to kill most of the previous World Martial Arts Tournaments final 8 fighters from 3 tournaments ago. He is shown over powering Giran(A dragon like monster), Out fighting King Chappa(previous World Champion), killing Pamput(World famous martial artist), and killing Krillin(Turtle School student). Tambourine is quite vicious and his favorute pastime is slaughtering humans.


Eye Lasers - Like most of King Piccolo's children, Tambourine can use eye lasers as a quick and precise form of attack. He used this move to destroy the Flying Nimbus cloud.

Flight - Due to his wings Tambourine has the power of flight

Lick Twister - Tambourine uses his extended toungue to wrap up and throw his opponent. He does this to Goku.

Mouth Energy Wave - Inherited from King Piccolo, Tambourine is able to fire a red energy beam from his mouth.

One Hundred Arms - After mocking King Chappa's 8 Arms technique, Tambourine developed this more advanced version and used it to kill him.

Shocker Flatline - Tambourine is able to channel large amount sof elecricty into the palms of his hands. He used this move to kill Bacterian.

Sidearm Flamer - One of Tambourine's finishing moves, He heats up on of his fists and claws his fist into the opponents body, usually from the side under the arms. He used this move to kill Giran.

Wah-Tah Kick - A simple flying kick that was used to kill Pamput

Other Media

Video Games

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure - Tambourine appears as a boss character in line with his appearance in the manga and anime series. he is also a playable character.

Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo - Tambourine appears as a boss character in line with his appearance in the manga and anime series. he is also a playable character.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - Tambourine appears as a playable character and is one of the few Dragon Ball era characters to appear alongside Grandpa Gohan, Devilman, King Piccolo, Nam, Mercenary Tao, and Android 8. Tambourine has his own "what if" scenario where he survives Goku's Kamehameha wave and then defeats Goku in battle. He is instead killed by Chi-Chi.


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