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    Tamaraneans are golden-skinned passionate warriors that live on the planet Tamaran. They are a race descended from felines and are ruled more by emotions than reason. The Teen Titan Member Starfire comes from this race.

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    Tamaraneans are ruled by a royal family under singular planetary feudal system. Their free spirited nature and capacity for great love has created a virtual paradise. Sadly the peace Tamaraneans long enjoyed came to an end with the invasion of a race called the Citadel that resulted in the betrayal of one princess, enslavement of another, and civil war.

    Unfortunately that wasn't the end of their troubles. After the King and Queen were killed and their planet was destroyed by the Psions, they fled in order to find another home amongst the stars. The Tamaraneans attempted to settle on several different planets, however each time things when horribly wrong, resulting in even more destruction.

    Thankfully their wandering came to an end when they came together with another race called the Rannians that had also lost their planet. They now share a planet that inhabits the same space as their old planet Tamaran.


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