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    Tamaran History

    The planet Tamaran lies approximately 26 light-years from Earth in the star-system Vega. Tamaran is populated by a race of golden-skinned humanoids who (unlike Earthlings, whose ancestral heritage can be traced back to primates) are descended from a feline race and who worship the goddess X' Hal. Many millennia ago, the Tamaranean race either migrated or was brought to Tamaran from the neighboring planet Okaara. As they made the world their own, the Tamaraneans established a planetary government that evolved into a feudal society. Each landmass was ruled by a royal family, under the dominion of which exist smaller city-states ruled by Influential families.

    The Tamaraneans are a passionate people driven more by emotion than reason. While they are unusually fierce warriors, their capacity for love is even greater than their capacity for hate; as a result, war and strife were for many centuries long forgotten on Tamaran. Instead, the people channeled their energies into creating a tropical utopia, a paradise where they could live in harmony with the wildlife and where battle skills were maintained largely for ceremony's sake.

    Unfortunately, with the rise in power in the Vegan system of the bloodthirsty race called the Citadel, Tamaran was eventually reintroduced to war. Tamaran re-ouffitted its armies and, led by the royal house of King Myand'r, managed to lend off a Citadelian invasion for more than an Earth century. Tamaran's defenses, however, were finally breached when Myand'r's daughter Komand'r defected to the Citadel and revealed crucial military secrets. In the ensuing battle, millions of Tamaraneans were killed; the entire race would have been annihilated had not King Myand'r ruefully negotiated a solemn truce, the signature of which involved sacrificing his other daughter, Koriand'r, to the slavers of the Citadel.

    Civil War

    Despite this truce, Tamaran's troubles were far from over. The citizens of Tamaran saw the sacrifice of their beloved Princess Koriand'r as a tremendous act of weakness on Myand'r's part and instigated a worldwide civil war. Komand'r returned and in spite of the intervention of Koriand'r now known as Starfire and a member of the New Titans she successfully usurped Myand'r's throne. During this time, Komand'r seized control of Tamaran, with her parents acting as her advisers. Koriand'r returned to Earth.

    Later, Komand'r had come to realize that it was her own hate that made her despise the world that had spurned her. Using her abilities, Komand'r helped to free Tamaran and stopped a terrorist invasion. Komand'r ruled Tamaran justly and honorably, with both a warrior's fist and a queen's heart.

    Tamaran Destroyed

    Starfire later returned to Tamaran, after a savage attack by an evil version of her friend and teammate, Raven. Upon her return, she met and fell in love with a man named Ph'yzzon, a general in the army. After a quick courtship, Koriand'r and Ph'yzzon married.

    Meanwhile, Victor Stone (formerly Cyborg) had merged his consciousness with the alien race known as Technis, in an effort to save the dying race. Cyborg was reunited with his former teammates as an evil version of Raven tried to destroy her good soul, which lay dormant in the body of Starfire. To ferret out Starfire, evil Raven incited a conflict in the Vegan star system.

    The Tamaranean fleet led by General Ph'yzzon fought valiantly, but they were overwhelmed. Knowing they couldn't stop the Psions, Ph'yzzon alerted King Myand'r and Queen Mother Luand'r of the situation. The two called for an evacuation plan, to save as many Tamaraneans as possible. However, they themselves decided to stay on the planet, to man what ground defenses remained. But they were no use. The attack by the Psions caused the core of Tamaran to implode, consuming the entire planet and whoever remained on it. As a result, Tamaran was destroyed along with the Technis.

    The Titans were able to destroy evil Raven utterly, and restore good Raven into a new spiritual golden body. Starfire decided to rebuild her culture on a new planet with the surviving Tamaraneans. This world was dubbed New Tamaran.

    New Tamaran

    When the planet consuming Sun Eater ravaged the galaxy, New Tamaran lay in its path. An alien woman named Dusk tried to warn the Tamaraneans, but Queen Komand'r was too short sighted and xenophobic to listen. Starfire believed Dusk and tried to warn her fellow Tamaraneans. Komand'r labeled her sister a traitor and banished her. Starfire left the planet and was unable to prevent its destruction. New Tamaran was engulfed by the Sun Eater along with many of the remaining Tamaraneans and Koriand'r's new husband, Ph'yzzon.

    A Shared Homeworld

    Many Tamaraneans were off world during the explosion of New Tamaran, and sought a new home. Ryand'r, Starfire's younger brother, was influential in finding a new home for his lost Tamaranean people. To this end, he helped lead an invasion on the planet Karna, home of the Gordanians. Ryand'r eventually enlisted the aid of his sister, Starfire. Starfire duped the Titans into believing that the Gordanians were the invaders, knowing they would not understand or agree had they known all the facts. As the battle progressed, the Titans discovered that the Gordanians. weren't the invaders the Tamaraneans were.

    The Titans were able to settle the conflict peacefully when Tempest proposed a treaty. The Gordanians would allow them to stay; In exchange, the Tamaraneans would teach them new trades outside of slavery, and bolster their reputation in the galaxy. Both races agreed to these terms. Koriand'r apologized to her friends for her deception, but elected to remain on Karna and rebuild the culture of her people as Princess.

    Our Worlds At War

    Shortly afterward, tragedy struck. During the "Our Worlds At War" crisis, a series of Imperiex probes destroyed Karna. This marks the third Tamaranean home planet that was destroyed. The Tamaraneans continue to wander the galaxy, led by their former Queen Komand'r, also known as Blackfire.

    Most recently, Rann was terraformed and revived by Brainiac 2 who moved Rann into Tamaran's former orbit. Blackfire was originally displeased by this, but after striking a deal with Brainiac 2, Adam Strange and chief Scientist Sardath they agreed to allow Blackfire to have the southern continent of Rann.

    Appearances in other media

    In the Teen Titans animated series, Tamaran appears as a barren, mountainous wasteland (a stark contrast to the lush, tropical climate of its comic book counterpart), although Starfire thinks it looks lovely. Additionally, Starfire's parents and younger brother Ryand'r are never seen, though her guardian, Galfore, does appear in the episode "Betrothed". In the same episode, Blackfire is seen as the ruler of Tamaran. Also in the animated series, Tamaraneans go through a second puberty known as the "Transformation" at around the time of the first, human-like adolescence. This process creates temporary random mutations in the Tamaranean's body, as told in "Transformation" that can range from turning purple for two days (Blackfire), or a series of gruesome changes that end in growing a chrysalis for a short period (Starfire). When the Transformation is complete, the transformee's body is returned to normal with the newfound ability to fire a starbolt out of their eyes. The animated Tamaraneans also have a prehensile tongue and nine stomachs.

    Ryand'r plays an integral part in issue #46 of the Teen Titans Go! comic series, in which his name is translated as "Wildfire".

    In the animated series, Starfire's abilities of flight, superhuman strength and starbolts are common to all Tamaraneans, being racial abilities rather than the result of Psion experiments (which is confirmed in issue #46 of Teen Titans Go!, the tie-in comic book series). All of their powers are tied into their emotional state; starbolts are fueled by fury, strength by confidence, and flight by joy.


    In the animated series, Tamaraneans believe in the value of friendship. Friendship is honored in the "Blorthog" festival in which friends exchange gifts. They fear the "rekmas", the point at which friends begin drifting apart.

    Tamaran's warrior culture is so prevalent in the animated series that the Tamaranean language reportedly has no word for "nice", and the nearest equivalent word translates as "weak".

    Tamaraneans can also learn any language by lip contact, so in the episode "Go!', when the Titans met, Starfire kisses Robin to learn English. She learns Japanese in a similar manner during the TV movie.


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