Tamara Rahn

    Character » Tamara Rahn appears in 58 issues.

    She is an alien of a water-breathing extraterrestrial Banari race from the planet Laab.

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    Tamara stowed away on a spacecraft wherein all of the males of her race to earth. The remaining females of her race perished on her homeland.  During the course of the journey however, the Atlanteans mistook them for enemies and killed everyone on board except her.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Meeting Namor

    On earth, she met the likes of Namor on which he sought to rescue Tamara. Both of them continued on to defeat the likes of Orka. In a twisting turn of fate however; She and the likes of Doctor Doom and Namorita, took on the Avengers at the Hydro-Base which soon ended in the defeat of Wasp.

    After her brief appearance in the Contest of Champions, she next appeared being reunited with Namor. Tamara and Namor once again reunited in order to defeat Suma-Ket. During the course of the battle, they were rescued by Neptune and helped in the recapturing of Atlantis from the Unforgiving Dead. After the scourge of battle she came to accept the Atlanteans for what they have done to her in the past and soon became an Atlantean herself.

    By then, Tamara and Tiger Shark became lovers in which they teamed up with the likes of the Fantastic Four, Lyja, Triton and Stingray in order to defeat the StarBlasters. Tamara ended up killing Xlym when Xlym killed a fellow Banari. The two lovers then became investigated by Llyra and Llyron which ended in a battle in which both Tamra and Tiger Shark were beaten. They were yet again rescued by Namor and were treated for injuries.

    When Namor went missing and was accused of several infractions, an impromptu Deep Six Group was formed. It was formed by members such as Stingray, Triton, Andromeda, and Tiger Shark. During the course of their short lived group, they fought the Avengers and they broke up after that. She later appeared being used by Radioactive Man to spread the radiation plague

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