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    Character from Scottish folklore.

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    Book of Magic:

    Little is know about the Falcon who till His son came of age, stayed by his lover's side. It is known that he was a human before he, much as Queen Titania, found his way into the realm of the Fae.

    Once there he was found desirable by the Queen of the Fae. Some how he ended up transforming into a Falcon that she kept with her to hunt with. Her husband, Auberon, suspected nothing of the affair his queen was having. After all, he was too busy with his own affairs. And believing her unflappably loyal to him, he never once suspected her of baring another man's child.

    When Tim Hunter was born and was totally pink and human with out a drop of Fairy blood in him the Queen had to act quickly. She told the Midwife who'd birthed the King to kill the baby, who instead took the baby and fled to the human world. The king came home and found out the baby had "died" and blamed the Midwife and cursed her name as well as vowing if she was seeing in Fairy again she would be killed. He was seen crying at the baby's supposed grave. When Tim arrived back in Fairy and met the Queen and King, the Queen knew him instantly but the King refused to think of Tim as their dead child.

    Tamlin's location through out this is only vaguely know. He was still in Fairy and was still the Queen's falcon. It wasn't until later on that he realized it was time to no longer remain silent and to show Titania what she was doing to Fairy. He went to the barren lands of Fairy, that had once been thriving forest, and brought back a piece of that land. He put it in the castle and through his magic broke the protective wards on the castle and let the decay of their realm effect the plants and pieces of the castle.

    After that he went to the human world to see his son. He'd been having a growing relationship with Tim but had not told Tim who he was outside of Tamlin the Falconer. He bought some human cloths off of a merchant who knew who he was. The man tried to get Tamlin to take a gun he had with him, but Tamlin refused. He left Tim and the merchant turned to Tim and told him his father was rather brave. This was the first time that Tim realized who his birth father was. Shortly after this encounter however Tamlin was killed, one source says he gave his life to save Tim.


    Tamlin possesses the power to transform his body into a falcon. His body but not his clothing. He must strip to his bare flesh and transform and then when he transforms into his humanoid/fae form again he is again quite nude.

    While in his animal form he's capable of flight but not only normal flight, but able to fly between the realms to go from Fairy to the Human world.

    He's also accomplished at the arts of magic and the use of those skills. It's unknown if he possessed those skills prior to finding his way to Fairy or if he learned them while he staid in the realm. It could be that only people with large amounts of magical talent can wonder into Fairy.


    Tam Lin, who was claimed to be the knight loved by the queen of the faeries. He had a reputation of a scoundrel, but after winning a place for himself on the last ship out of the Homelands, he gave it to his young page instead


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