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    Character » Tam Fox appears in 74 issues.

    Tam Fox is the daughter of Lucius Fox, the CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

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    Publication History

    Tam Fox first appeared in 2002's Batman: Family. She was not seen again until becoming a regular character in Red Robin, a series that follows Tim Drake as he searches for Bruce Wayne, who is believed to be dead. She is used as a love interest.

    Red Robin

    Tam Fox appears in the 5th Issue of Red Robin.

    She is tasked with finding Tim Wayne (Drake) by her father, the CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

    She soon finds him, however she had to search high and low for him. When she does find him, Tim is bloody and in the Red Robin persona. She is then taken by the League of Assassins, along with Tim, who has yet to explain what he's doing to her. As she was tasked with finding Tim and bringing him back to Gotham, she doesn't leave without him. She was almost killed as a result. When Tim saves her life, she kisses him. Upon returning to Gotham with Tim, she informs Lucius that Tim is back in Gotham. Since returning she has been questioned by Vicki Vale, however their interview was cut short as Ra's Al Ghul sent Assassins to take both of them out.


    • Tam is 19 as Red Robin
    • Tam currently speaks English, Russian, German, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese moderately well.

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