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Born an Inhuman slave, Talon worked the mines under the surface of the Moon along with his entire enslaved race. He refused to participate in the celebration days they were allowed and was chosen by a mystical being to be freed and become his apprentice.

Talon became the apprentice of the Sorcerer Supreme Krugarr. He and Krugarr intervened in the affairs of the Guardians of the Galaxy and saved Major Victory's life. After assisting the Guardians and the Commandeers in the defeat of the Punishers and the Badoon, he was asked to become a full member of the Guardians.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy

As a member of the Guardians, Talon often proved to be a jokester and seemed to not take anything too seriously. His agility and fighting ability often proved valuable in combat, but when defending an entire galaxy, that is often not enough. In some cases, Talon would use his magic in an attempt to help, only to lose control of the spells he was not equipped to perform. This would often draw the attention of the Ancient One (Dr. Strange) or his master, who would have to step in to help the novice.

During a trip back in time, Talon became sick with a hereditary illness known as Gral's Disease and requested to be taken to Attilan, home of the Inhumans. He revealed that he was an Inhuman and that the Inhumans of his era are slaves, betrayed by their own.

When the Dread Dormammu hitched a ride back to their time, he renewed his war with Dr. Strange, proving to be even more powerful than before. He killed his long time enemy and Talon had to assist Krugarr in his defeat. They trapped him back in the Dark Dimension and for his services, Talon was awarded Strange's original amulet - the Eye of Agamotto.

For a time, Talon was on his best behavior, with the exception of his wisecracks and name calling. This changed after the Guardians battle with Malevolence when Talon's back was severely injured. Over time, he grew more disobedient and violent, threatening his membership with the Guardians. After he was captured by Rancor and forced to help her become pregnant to continue her lineage, he used him magic to transport the team far from Haven II, which angered Major Victory.

Talon Transformed
Talon Transformed

Talon then tricked the Irish Wolfhound into helping him use Martinex's machine - the Trans-Molecular Reconstitutor - to repair his back, something neither of them were qualified to do. This transformed Talon into a more feral creature, dangerous and rebellious. For this, Krugarr took away the amulet he had given him.

After his transformation, Talon grew even more violent and insubordinate, arguing and disobeying with Major Victory at every turn, constantly questioning his leadership and decisions, getting the two at each others throats on several occasions. After Major Victory chose to go on a mission with the serial killer Ripjak, Talon used this opportunity to get the rest of the team on his side to take a break and reconvene later to reelect a new leader - which Talon had been trying to do for some time.

Talon continued to question Vance's leadership abilities and eventually sought to reclaim his amulet from Krugarr. In the battle, Talon finally realized the error of his ways and sought to be the disciple of the Sorcerer Supreme once again to earn back his amulet.

Powers & Abilities

Talon has superhuman strength and durability. He also has greatly enhanced senses, fighting skills and agility. He is very adept at magic wielding. He also has claws, which he can shoot as projectiles and regenerate.

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