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Green Lantern
Status: Active
Space Sector: 2471
Sector Partner: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Inapplicable


Little is known about the Green Lantern, Talmadge. Prior to receiving the ring, Talmadge was a janitor in an energy production plant located on his home world. One evening, Talmadge was thrust into action when the energy plant was in danger of reaching critical mass. If the plant overheated, the resulting explosion would destroy the entire city. Talmadge did not run, but instead exposed himself to near death by trying to stop the explosion. He was amazed when a green light blanketed the city and seemingly stopped the explosion. The city was spared and the crisis was averted, by a green power ring. Talmadge soon agreed to join the Green Lantern Corps.

Talmadge’s only documented mission was when he joined with Volk, the Green Lantern of sector 315, and Zghithii, the serpentine Green Lantern of sector 3599. The trio assist their fellow Green Lantern Xax, in defending his planet Xaos from an attack by the Spider Guild.

Xax had found himself “imprisoned” by a yellow trap developed by the Spider Guild. In reality, Xax soon learned that his planets warring tribes could unite under one banner if they faced a common enemy. The tribes did combine forces and overran the Spider Guild, with the timely assistance of Talmadge and his fellow Green Lanterns.

Even as a Green Lantern, Talmadge continues to embrace his role as a “cleaner”, skills the Guardians of the Universe certainly have found use.


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