Tall Marvel

    Character » Tall Marvel appears in 21 issues.

    This Billy Batson is from Texas. He took the nickname "Tall" to differentiate between himself and the famous Billy Batson who is Captain Marvel.

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    When the evil Sivana sent his hired cronies to capture Billy Batson, all three came back with the wrong boy. One of them was known as "Tall" Billy because of his height. Along with the other boys, he had learned from the real Billy that he was actually Captain Marvel.

    Tricking the real Billy into coming to his hideout by threatening his namesakes, Sivana bound and gagged the boys, leaving them to their fate by tying them to a log sawmill. Billy managed to get his gag off by placing his head just close enough to the saw. However, his words were drowned out by the machinery. Releasing the other Billies, they all shouted and their words were audible. All four of them became Captain Marvel!

    The new three agreed that there was only one real Captain Marvel and they would act as his Lieutenants. One of the three took the name Tall Marvel, and along with the other 2 Billies, Fat Marvel and Hill Billy Marvel, became known for a while as the Squadron of Justice.


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