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    Once a year, Starman Jack Knight and his late brother, David, Jack's predecessor as Opal's Guardian get together. David imparts wisdom from beyond the grave to help Jack become the Starman Opal needs.

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    Following his murder by The Mist's son Kyle, David Knight returns to visit his brother, Jack, once a year to impart wisdom from beyond the grave to help Jack become the Starman Opal City needs.

    In their first meeting they argue and engage in a little sibling rivalry to vent and blow off steam. In a cemetery.

    In their second meeting, David takes Jack aboard a pirate ship and they sale with a skeleton crew into battle. David has a special gift for Jack for his birthday.

    In their third meeting, David gathers Al (The Atom) Pratt, Dinah (The Black Canary) Lance, Charles (Dr. Mid-Nite) McNider, Rex (The Hourman) Tyler, Terry (Mr. Terrific) Sloane, Richard (The Red Bee) Raliegh and Giovanni "John" Zatara for a special dinner.

    The next Talking With David is between Mikaal Tomas and David, while Jack and Mikaal are battling a new iteration of Solomon Grundy; while on a larger quest to find William Payton. David inspires Mikaal to be the Starman he can be.

    David and Jack talk again in 2001, where David is joined by Ted Knight and Kent and Inza Nelson. As well as The Mist's son Kyle.

    During The Blackest Night, a Black Lantern Ring finds David and raises his physical body from the dead. He confronts The Shade and is defeated by him. David's body is returned to eternal rest.


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