Talia Warroad

    Character » Talia Warroad appears in 28 issues.

    A former SHIELD occult expert, who now works for the FBI after SHIELD dissolved

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    Talia grew up in Boston, where she was plagued by demonic visions from a young age. She was scared all the time, which affected her schoolwork and social life. Eventually, that fear turned to anger and she no longer cared about being normal. She started dying her hair and acting out. She eventually met another occult troublemaker, Stefan Skaar, and he started training her in spellcasting.


    Talia Warroad first appears in Ghost Rider (2022) #1 by Benjamin Percy and Cory Smith.

    Powers & Abilities

    Spellcasting: Talia is experienced in magic. She is capable of spellcasting and has encyclopedic knowledge of the supernatural.

    • Second Sight: Talia was born with the ability to see the demonic stains on reality.

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