Stana Katic Cast as Talia al Ghul in Arkham City

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According to USA Today, the game has gained the classic Batman villain for its roster. Paul Crocker of Rocksteady Studios said, “We can’t really say why she is in the game because it would spoil an awesome part of it.”

“She’s a good girl who has naughty habits. We’re not sure if their tryst is over yet,” said Stana Katic, “She’s an ambiguous interesting character with a Persian/Greek accent.” The actress told the crowd at the Arkham City panel at SDCC,  ”Talia is such a complex character and it was great to voice her in Batman: Arkham City. I was amazed at all the detail put into the project and it’s great to see how excited the fans are about the game.”

No specific details were given as to Talia’s specific role in the game but Katic said, “She’s just kick-ass, man.” Jim Lee also announced at San Diego Comic-Con that the Arkham City comic mini-series written by Paul Dini will be released as a graphic novel on October 18, the same day the video game is released.

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Bumpage :)

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i don't know she isn't talia like (in terms of voice) and why does talia look like well not arabic or persian as do her clothes lets see but will still by the game

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It's exciting that Talia's in the game, not sure if Stana's the best choice for her voice actress though.

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I'm so immensely excited that Talia is in the game.
I'll be disappointed if she's an antagonist, as she's more inclined to help Bruce.

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Emmanuelle Chriqui for Talia.  
But Stana is cool too. I'm just happy Talia is in it. 

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