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The Monarch and the Monster

Namor continues his battle with the radioactive IT from last issue, still thinking IT is an android sent by the humans. Meanwhile a US Navy sub mistakenly thinks it was Namor who attacked them rather than IT, until the creature crashes into them. Realising Namor is innocent, the soldiers leave the Sub-Mariner to deal with IT, whose radiation is quickly sapping Namor’s strength.

He Who Strikes the Silver Surfer

Continuing from last issue, The Hulk demands Silver Surfer take him away from Earth so he can finally be in peace. Silver Surfer, unable to leave Earth due to a punishment from Galactus, refuses and the Hulk attacks him. Their confrontation alerts the police who attack Hulk with flame-throwers. Feeling sorry for the Jade Giant, Silver Surfer attempts to heal him and discovers Bruce Banner’s curse. The Surfer takes pity and decides to use his Power Cosmic to rid Banner of The Hulk who wakes and attacks the Surfer again. This causes the Sky-Rider to fly away in anger, ironically ridding Hulk of his chance to be free once and for all.

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