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    Knocked out of battle by the humanoids, the Hulk now finds himself captured by Communists!

    The New Giant-Man

    Henry Pym is working on a new invention completely oblivious to the presence of The Wasp who shrinks to insect size and buzzes around his head to get his attention. Pym apologises and says he’s been working on a new weapon that’ll make him worthy of his place in The Avengers. It’s a cybernetic remote headpiece that fits over his old helmet. On seeing this Janet tells Pym his old costume is hideous and he agrees for her to design him a new one. While Janet is in her chambers designing Giant-Man’s new uniform, Pym tests out his new remote size changing device on his pet cat Tabby who grows too quickly and knocks over a bottle on a table. Tabby is now the same size as his master and is about to leap at him when Pym quickly shrinks the cat back to normal size. Pym decides it’s safer to grow to Giant-Man before attempting the experiment again but a miscalculated feedback makes him shrink while Tabby grows. Tabby is again human sized and knocks the remote device out of Pym’s hand. but Hank manages to reach the device and shrink Tabby before it attacks. Pym notices the spilled bottle dripping onto the floor and cleans it up. Unknown to Pym the size changing fluid in the bottle had dripped on to a spider that is now growing larger by the second.

    Meantime Janet van Dyne finishes designing the new Giant-Man costume and takes it to her partner. As Hank tries on the costume he hears a scream from the next room and runs in to see The Wasp trapped by a giant spider. Hank tries to reach for his helmet across the room but is smashed by the spider and is about to black out when The Wasp shrinks and attacks the spider with her Wasp’s Sting. The attack has no effect and the spider grabs Hank in its jaws. This time Wasp uses her stings on the arachnoids eyes and it releases Pym. Janet tells him she’s implemented growth controls on the shoulder of his new costume and Pym becomes Ant-Man to try and sneak under the creature. However the spider traps Pym in its web and he is again rescued by The Wasp. This time Pym reaches his helmet as the spider leaps on top of it and instantly becomes Giant-Man knocking the creature away and out of the window. As the giant spider hurtles towards the streets below, Pym uses his helmets new remote growth control to shrink it down to normal size before it causes any damage.

    On The Rampage Against The Reds!

    As The Hulk continues his battle from last issue against The Leader’s horde of Humanoids on Astra Isle, US Marine troops attack him with grenades. The explosions blow away a cliff ledge and The Hulk and the Humanoids all fall into the sea. Feeling he is about to change back to Banner, The Hulk swims away using the strongest muscles on Earth. The Leader, disappointed at being unable to capture his target, calls back his Humanoids. Whilst still underwater, the Jade Giant transforms back to Banner and struggles to reach the surface. Banner is rescued by a Soviet sub and the Commander, realising he has a prize catch in the famous US scientist Bruce Banner, abducts the doctor. A US fighter jet sees the Communist vessel submerge and reports back to base where Major Talbot immediately assumes he was right in suspecting Banner was a traitor.

    Behind the Iron Curtain, Banner is told he must work for the Commies if he wants to be fed and is placed in a weapons development lab with other “guests”. One of the other captives rebels and is beaten down by the guards and locked up. Banner refuses to aid the Reds and is also locked in solitary confinement. As the doctor sits there contemplating his own demise, his anger at the cruelty he’s witnessed changes him into The Hulk and the mightiest living mortal on Earth breaks free! Seeing The Hulk the Red Army attack him with everything in their arsenal but nothing can stop The Hulk who starts turning the base into dust. The soldiers flee in terror and The Hulk realises he’s been wounded by a vaporizer blast. The rebel scientist from earlier, who broke free during the battle, heals Hulk’s wounds and brings him a meal. As The Hulk eats, the base commander calls in reinforcements and arms himself with a proton gun.


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