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    The origin of the Leader revealed! By mentally controlling a humanoid, the Leader takes control of all who may stop him... including the Hulk!

    The Gangsters and The Giant

    Giant Man and The Wasp are asked by the police chief to help them catch The Wrecker – a hooded gang leader who hits up stores in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn for protection money. The NYPD have been after the gang without any success so the two Avengers are now going under cover. Hank and Janet arrive in Brownsville and find a store for sale. The store owner tells them he’s selling because he’s not a coward and won’t pay protection money so The Wrecker’s gang have scared off all his customers. A few days later the gang leader sends his goons to collect from the young couples new hardware store, but much to their surprise the couple beat the crap out of them, take their money and send them on their way. The other store owners in the area are impressed but warn Pym that The Wrecker will be back.

    Shortly The Wrecker contacts his entire criminal network and sets his plan in motion. His hoods start a riot and distract all the cops in the surrounding area so The Wrecker and his henchmen can attack the hardware store at will. Unfortunately for them Giant Man and The Wasp await and attack them on site. A lengthy tussle follows in which Giant Man is subdued by first tear gas and then a bear trap while The Wasp is sprayed by insect killer. Eventually the heroes manage to triumph and The Wrecker and his gang are caught. The Wrecker turns out to be the man who sold the store to Hank and Janet in the first place.

    A Titan Rides the Train

    The story starts in The Leader’s lab where the green skinned scientist proclaims his new humanoid is complete. He then reminisces of how he became the being he is today. In a flashback we see a janitor working in the basement of a chemical research plant when an experimental gamma ray cylinder explodes. The janitor is trapped and his body is bombarded with the rays. Although even a fraction of the dosage he received would normally be enough to kill many men, inexplicably the janitor remained unharmed. The only noticeable change was his new insatiable thirst for knowledge. He started reading all the books he could obtain, learning all he could and his brain absorbed everything like a sponge. Then suddenly one day he collapsed as the gamma rays long term effects finally took place. When he awoke he had transformed into a green skinned creature with an enlarged head to contain his supremely intelligent brain and eventually took the name of The Leader.

    Back at Gamma Base, The Chameleon is still skulking around from last issue hoping to uncover more of Dr. Banner’s secrets. General Ross informs Major Talbot one of Banner’s nuclear inventions is to be transported by train to The Pentagon, along with Banner himself. The Major is told to accompany Banner to keep an eye on him. The Chameleon uncovers this information and informs The Leader who dispatches his new Humanoid robot to hijack the nuclear device. The Humanoid reaches the train on its journey via a remote controlled helicopter. Upon seeing The Humanoid Talbot locks Banner in a carriage and the army attack the robot. The stress of the situation causes Banner to transform into The Hulk who immediately breaks out of the carriage and attacks The Humanoid. During the attack, through The Humanoids eyes, The Leader sees The Hulk for the first time and realises he too is the result of gamma rays. The Hulk eventually defeats The Humanoid and stops the nuclear device from exploding. The transformation occurs again and Banner reappears just in time to be caught by the army with the missing nuclear device and locked up,


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    Some Things Just Aren't Possible - Even for the Hulk! 0

    This issue introduces one of the more interesting, long-running Hulk nemeses - The Leader. The Leader sends an interesting take on an android - a spongy automaton to steal one of Dr. Banner's nuclear inventions that's traveling by train from Gamma Base to a testing site. Unfortunately, the ensuing battle between the Hulk and the automaton includes so many odd occurrences that defy physics, that it seriously stretches suspension of disbelief - for example, in one case Hulk is pushed off the back ...

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