Tales to Astonish #60

    Tales to Astonish » Tales to Astonish #60 - The Beasts Of Berlin!/The Incredible Hulk released by Marvel on October 1964.

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    The Hulk battles an indestructible robot! Will metal be able to contain a gamma-radiated beast?

    This issue sees The Hulk become a regular feature on Tales To Astonish.

    The Beasts Of Berlin!

    Hank Pym hears news that his old friend Lee Kearns has been captured by Communists in East Berlin. He tells The Wasp this mission is too dangerous for her and Giant Man has to go alone. The Wasp wants an explanation and Pym explains how he lost his first wife to the Reds and he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her.

    Once Giant Man arrives in Germany, he crosses the Berlin Wall as Ant Man and uses cybernetic commands to allow ants to lead him to Kearns’ cell where he learns the Commies have created a ray that turns gorillas into intelligent, obedient soldiers. Vowing to destroy the weapon, the two Americans sneak into the enemy base and take on the Communists and their army of intelligent gorillas.

    The Incredible Hulk

    Bruce Banner is completing a new top secret robot for the US Army. Whilst working on his robot he has an epiphany that he only turns into The Hulk when he is under immense stress therefore he needs to avoid such situations in order to remain as Banner. General Ross tells Banner his robot will be tested early next morning so the scientist decides to work on his project overnight. While alone in his lab he hears a noise outside and sees a spy running away. The stress of the realisation turns him back into The Hulk who promptly leaves the military base.

    The aforementioned spy sneaks into the robot after knocking out the lone guard and takes control during the test. The guard is later discovered and General Ross thinks Banner has lost it and must be stopped. Unfortunately for the General, Banner’s robot is near indestructible and even an assault by army tanks can’t stop it. The robot heads into the dessert where The Hulk thinks it is a threat and retaliates.


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    Dr. Banner's Greatest Mistakes Square Off 0

    After the cancellation of his own book, the Hulk finally resurfaced in late 1964 as a backup feature in Tales to Astonish. This new series promises to be the first comic book superhero soap opera, which sounds like a good thing, as the emphasis is being shifted from the Hulk (who, let's face it, basically just exists to smash stuff) to Dr. Banner and those who surround him who have to deal with the ramifications of the Hulk.  Another distinct improvement here is that Banner no longer changes to ...

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