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Little Scatter Brain

One of the worst issues I've read to date and I've read a few stinkers. I've written a rather large plot summary for this issue to help others avoid the ridicilousness of the story. Some examples are:

  • The Wasp hides in the villains hair while Giant Man fights him as it's the safest place to be
  • Giant Man calls The Wasp a little scatter brain because she is impressed that he remembered to use ejector seats when their plane was crashing
  • Giant Man saying he had a hunch the giant mushroom was a spaceship and hinting that his plan was to get his ass kicked all along

There's many more but I won't waste your time like this comic did mine. Just don't read it.

Oh and the 2nd story focusing on The Wasp pretty much takes place entirely in a department store. Nuff said indeed.

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