Tales to Astonish #58

    Tales to Astonish » Tales to Astonish #58 - The Coming Of...Colossus released by Marvel on August 1964.

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    Captain America guest-stars! Cap calls on Giant-Man and Wasp when the rest of the Avengers are off on a mission. Why are the two heroes off to Bura-Bura? Plus, Wasp takes on the Magician...alone!

    Story Titles

    The Coming Of...Colossus

    The Magician and the Maiden!

    The Coming Of...Colossus

    The issue starts in Henry Pym’s lab where he has discovered a way to change sizes by using cybernetic mental commands without the need for size changing pills. Janet van Dyne however is more interested in a skiing holiday and gets pissed off when Hank ignores her so decides to redesign her Wasp costume. Suddenly Captain America arrives through the window and informs Hank and Jan there’s a case in Africa they should investigate as he and the other Avengers are too busy! Much to The Wasp’s chagrin Giant Man accepts. Cap explains there are reports of a giant named Colossus in the Bora-Buru region of Africa who is said to be twice as big as Giant Man. Colossus lives on a mountain peak too high to climb down from but has demanded a human sacrifice so The Avengers have been called in.

    Giant Man and The Wasp arrive in Bora-Buru in a two man jet and due to his gigantic size, spot Colossus from the air. The heroes wonder what the giant mushroom shaped object is that Colossus is standing next to and Hank comments that Colossus must be at least 30 feet tall. The Wasp reminds us that Giant Man can grow even larger and we are given the explanation from Henry Pym that the larger he grows, the proportionately weaker he gets! Unexpectedly the jet’s controls get jammed and the 30 feet tall Colossus grabs the jet plane like a toy and attempts to destroy it. Luckily for Hank and his “little scatter brain” partner the ejector seats still work.

    After landing safely the heroes for some reason decide the quickest way back up the mountain is to shrink to insect size. Giant Man then surprises The Wasp by displaying that he can shrink her size by cybernetic mental commands also. Once atop the mountain Giant Man’s initial plan to defeat Colossus ultimately fails. He then tells The Wasp to hide in Colossus’ hair while he confuses him by quickly shrinking and re-growing. Finally Giant Man decides to take the risk and grow as tall as Colossus himself, even though this will make the hero “proportionately weaker”. While the two titans battle apparently tribesmen men from all corners of Africa arrive to watch the spectacle.

    The Giant Avenger, groggy with weakness due to his overextended size, returns to his fighting 12 feet but is easily defeated again. Colossus picks him up in a gorilla press and approaches the giant mushroom shaped object near him. The minuscule Wasp shoots the gargantuan villain in the chest with a blast of compressed air from her Wasp’s Sting. This staggers Colossus enough for him to drop Giant Man who switches back to Ant Man. Confused with the events, Colossus is convinced the whole planet is bewitched and heads into his giant mushroom which was of course a space ship (as Giant Man had guessed all along). He then contacts his superiors and tells them to cross Earth off their list as it is too dangerous. The story concludes with Stan Lee telling us if we’re ever in that part of Africa to ensure we visit the statue of Giant Man erected in honour of his victory… ‘nuff said.


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    Little Scatter Brain 0

    One of the worst issues I've read to date and I've read a few stinkers. I've written a rather large plot summary for this issue to help others avoid the ridicilousness of the story. Some examples are:The Wasp hides in the villains hair while Giant Man fights him as it's the safest place to beGiant Man calls The Wasp a little scatter brain because she is impressed that he remembered to use ejector seats when their plane was crashingGiant Man saying he had a hunch the giant mushroom was a spaceshi...

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