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The Terrible Traps Of Egghead!

Coming hot off the heels of a brilliant re-imagining of sorts of Henry Pym, this month we're treated to yet another chapter in the ongoing story of Ant-Man andThe Wasp. Also returning is one of the better villains of the series, Egghead, who comes off a little more eggheadish this time around as we are forced to watch his divisive plan to capture the duo in all its excruciatingly mundane detail. To be fair, it makes the eventual capture of The Wasp and Ant-Man a little more conceivable, but I can't help but feel that a little more character work would have worked a whole lot more. Don Heck also takes up full reigns on the art this month, which makes for a much more abstract feeling to the book that works against the great moody tones of last month's outing. Nevertheless, while not as strong as the preceding issue, #45 isn't a bad follow up by any means; it's just hampered with bad pacing and a sense of triviality.

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    The Egghead is back in town and this time he’s out to destroy Ant-Man for good. Hot on the heels of the debut of The Wasp we see the return of one of Ant-Man’s most cunning foes. He’s got a plot brewing to capture and defeat both of our miniature heroes which will require all of their combined intelligence and strength to escape.The basic plot on offer here is a bit disappointing. After the debut of The Wasp in issue 44 it’s a shame to see her immediately get used as bait...

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