otoboke's Tales to Astonish #40 - The Day Ant-Man Failed! review

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The Day Ant-Man Failed!

Things go from bad to worse this month as we shockingly learn that Henry Pym is just a guy like the rest of us when he gets... appendicitis. Now hold on there, Susie, don't cry—turns out it was all a ruse to trick this mad bandit hijacker guy into thinking he was safe from his tiny minions and yeah, his miniature plane which he just made up and placed on a random roof because, well, he's just that smart. Oh and apparently Ant-Man can speak to regular ol' size humans now too when before he had to get attention by other means. So all's well that ends well, and we of course learn that much like The Protector (you do remember that great villain, right?), the hijacker was none other than the guy who called it in (I'm going to start calling this a Lieberism soon.) Talk about storytelling!

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