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The Scarlet Beetle (a giant, irradiated bug), may have a size advantage over Ant-Man, but will he be immune to the power of DDT?

Story Titles

  • Vengeance Of The Scarlet Beetle! - (Lee / Lieber / Kirby / Ayers) Told by his ants, Ant-Man learns of a beetle that was affected by radiation and can control all insects and wants to destory the human race. The Scarlet Beetle gets insects to capture Ant-Man, take his helmet, steal his growth gas and toss him into a pit. The Scarlet Beetle becomes man sized and unleashes his insect army.
  • Ozamm the Terrible! - (Lee / Lieber / Heck) An alien wreaks havoc in New York City, but an unemployed mechanic has an idea of how to stop him.
  • The Toy Soldiers! - (Lee / Ditko) A Civil War buff and his father have a strange encounter with an alien.
  • The Remedy Oil - (unknown) A shopkeeper meets a very strange lost boy.

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Tales to Astonish hits new lows with issue 39. To begin with, there's the ludicrous Ant-Man feature.Ants are mindlessly loyal - and soft as a down pillow! In it "radiation" turns a beetle smart and evil and it uses Ant-Man's gas to grow huge.Oooh, boy, buckle up, this is going to be a rough ride!The worst guard ever!He controls all the other bugs in the world except, of course, ants. But in the end Ant-Man defeats him.O.K., but is the issue redeemed by the backup stories? Nope.Ozamm the Ter...

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Vengeance Of The Scarlet Beetle! 0

Another astonishingly bad issue in the Tales to Astonish line (almost as bad as that pun, believe me) that fails to add anything to the Pym character, or his alter-ego of Ant-Man. This time he battles with a sentient beetle who manages to use Pym’s growth serum (you know, the one he uses to be big again) in order to overthrow the humans and allow insects to rule the planet. Oh, God! Actually, it’s a pretty neat idea—that if united, insects could exterminate all of mankind, and thus rid themselve...

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