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The first appearance of Ant-Man's most dastardly foe -- the criminally brilliant Egghead!

Story Titles

  • Betrayed By The Ants! - (Lee / Lieber / Kirby / Ayers) A group of crooks, hire a scientist called "Egghead" to find a way to defeat Ant-Man. Egghead, builds a device that works like Ant-Mans helmet and gets some ants to lure Ant-Man into a trap of flypaper. However, Ant-Man is not trapped and jumps out of the trap and attacks the crooks. Ant-Man then has ants, who were on the ceiling, drop a giant sheet of fly paper on the crooks. The crooks try to escape, but their cars tires are flat and the keys gone. They are captured by the police, but Egghead escapes. The ants had told Ant-Man about Egghead’s plot and allowed Ant-Man to prepare for the trap and sabotoge their car
  • "I Found the Impossible World!" - (Lee / Lieber / Heck) an attempt at time travel is a failure... or is it?
  • Secret of the Statues - (Lee / Ditko) Some artists discover a reclusive sculptor and tell an art critic about him.
  • Strange Mission - (unknown) Prose story about a timid man who ends up accidentally becoming a hero

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Ant-Man Doesn't Have To Suck - But He Always Does. 0

The first appearance of Egghead! Ant-Man is pretty much a joke. Not that he has to be, he could be written well. It's just that, historically, he really hasn't been. Take Tales to Asotnish #38 for example. In "Betrayed by the Ants!!" (yes, the story title is in quotes and with a double exclamation point), for the first time Ant-Man comes face-to-face with his arch nemesis, Egghead (not to be confused with the Batman villain, and yes, even his arch-nemesis is generic).Seems the criminal underworl...

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Betrayed by the Ants! 0

Marvel continues to churn them out, it seems, neglecting quality in favour of quality. While a dramatic improvement over last month’s terrible lacklustre issue, Betrayed by the Ants! is a farcical, silly, and mostly forgettable adventure for Marvel’s most farcical, silly and mostly forgettable superhero, Ant-Man. This time he’s up against Egghead—A really smart scientist who knows that if you wanna get rid of ants, you gotta read the classic “All About Ants.” Some red herrings, a whole bunch of ...

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