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Ant-Man and his Pym Particles are back! And this time he's recruiting an entire army of ants!

Story Titles

  1. 'Return Of The Ant-Man'; 'An Army of Ants!'; 'The Ant-Man's Revenge!' - (Lee/Lieber/Kirby/Ayers) This is a 3 part story about Doctor Henry Pym who is a scientist who creates 2 serums, one to reduce things and another to bring them back to their normal size. Using the reducing potion it reduces him to the size of an ant leading him to an encounter with an ant hill. Pym escapes from the ants by getting to his enlarging serum and is restored to normal size. Pym decides to destroy the serums, but later makes them again. As well as a helmet that allows him to communicate with ants. Pym then gets a government assignment to create a special gas which gets the attention of enemy spies who want the formula. Pym uses the shrinking serum and helmet to get help from the ants.
  2. 'Strange Encounter'
  3. 'The Doorway to Nowhere!'
  4. 'The Thing From Outer Space!'


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Story Arcs

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Ant-Man's First Appearance is an O.K. introduction to Ant-Man 0

Review of the Ant-Man cover story only'The Return of the Ant-Man' is actually the first true appearance of Ant-Man. Hank Pym appeared once before in Tales to Astonish #27's 'The Man in the Ant Hill!' where he first used his shrinking elixir to shrink down to ant size. But by story's end he had vowed to destroy the serum.This is the first time we see Pym clad in the Ant-Man costume, the first time he wears the helmet that allows him to communicate with ants, and the first time he uses these power...

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Return of the Ant Man 0

While not technically his debut as one of Marvel’s central superheroes, The Return of the Ant-Man here very much lays the groundwork for the rest of Pym’s run, whilst also reworking some patchy details from his very first (at the time one-off) outing.As far as origin stories go however, this is the best one delivered by Lee and Kirby thus far as far as I’m concerned. The series itself will quickly go downhill, but upon reading this as an Ant-Man virgin, you may be excited by the interesting pers...

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