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Pint Size Avenger

By The Angry Comic Book Critic 
      Well I've given you the 1st Appearance of Iron Man but now it's time for the next member on the Avengers I'm talking about of course the guy who can't stick with a Super Hero Persona to save his life I'm talking about Ant-man I mean Giant Man or is it Yellow Jacket? I think he goes by the Wasp now days oh well let's just use his real name Hank Pym now this is just my interpenetration of the original direction marvel intended to take with the character but honestly after reading this comic I think he was meant to be a one shot deal never to be seen again but somehow by the grace of the almighty comic god Stan Lee he lived to see another issue. Alright before we get underway I want to make it perfectly clear to all of you this is not the story of a superhero. What it is is a science fiction tale with no attachments to the Marvel Comic Universe and absolutely no costume for Hank either it's just him his shrinking serum and a shit load of ants so let's dive into the next Silver Age Classic.
       Okay are story all begins with Hank Pym testing out his shrinking serum well as a growth on a chair and it works like a charm....Honestly where you expecting any less of the Scientist Supreme? No? Didn't think so. Hank then has a flash back to how the science community laughed a him which is as we all know  when any scientist gets mocked in the world of fiction he does the dumbest thing he can do test whatever device he's created himself. So he shrinks down to the size of an ant and guess what he left the growth serum on the the table which at his size might a well be ten miles in the air.You know for the scientist supreme Hank Pym is kinda dumb. So he ventures outside where wouldn't you know it he runs into an ant hill to escape some ants....Why does something tell me that Hank Pym couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel? So he then ends up falling into some honey......That's right Hank give yourself a little seasoning before the ants devour you so long story short one the ants ends up saving Pym for.....whatever reason and he is able to get back to his growth serum and after returning to normal size he decides to destroy his serums once and for all yadda yadda yadda the end. Wow this was just.....stupid and I'm sad to say failure on the part of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby because honestly there were just one to many leaps in logic that simply could not be ignored was it the worst thing I've ever by all means no it was just okay not great but not really bad either. 
        I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this lack luster issue gets a stamp of decency no kudos this time for the great Stan Lee or Jack Kirby.
Tales To Astonish #27

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