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Annabella Altavista 
Kingdom of Sicily, 1213 AD 
While riding their horse around their area, Annabella who just recently turned 18 told her friend, an acolyte ( monk in training), Amadeo how she grew up in the monastery since birth wanted to go out and spread her wings. She wanted more action in her life and though having a meaningful prayerful life is one, she believes there is a need to be more active.  
The two arrived at the monastery three hours late and was scolded by Signor Raimondo, the head monk of the Emmanuelle who mention's a gift from God and why they must remain sedentary to all that is happening to their world. In their talk, there is a lone figure of a monk cursing Annabella and that she will learn her lesson. 
Later that evening, Signor Bertrando, attempted to rape the sleeping Annabella though he succeeds in ripping her clothes, he can not "function properly" to do the actual act. Thus just feasted in looking through her body before finding a tattoo of the royal crest, a winged-horned four legged creature. Amadeo who has heard her cries came to her rescue and the other monks as well. It was revealed that she is the heir to throne.   
She then told those who never knew her that she is in fact the heir to the throne after the Swamians killed her brother William of Florence who just got crowned at the age of 3. Her father sheltered her to the throne until she becomes 18 and can decide whether to take the throne or not which she feels she does not want. Signor Raimondo reminds her not to decide to swiftly even after what happened and said they will find Signor Bertando and persecute him. But Amadeo said, he was sure Bertando is on his way to report it to the Swamians.  
True enough, after three days, Bertando went to  Emperor Gualtiero who just wants a sum of gold and a free passage as payment for the information and the destruction of the Monestary of Emanuele. But instead of granting his wish, the Emperor insulted him before ripping his tongue out before setting out to attack the monestary. 
In the monestary, the monks decided they must do everything they could to protect Annabella and decided to use the Hand of God. Annabella who was listening behind a door thought the monks are out to get her and tried to escape but only to find the monks attempting to use the Hand of God but ends up having their hands destroyed. When it was Amadeo's turn to try to use the gauntlet, Annabella came to stop him as well as the rest of the monks but the Hand of God extended itself towards her. Right before the altar, Annabella became the bearer of the Hand of God. 
The Swamiam came to attack but the monks are ready. Together with Annabella they defended their monastery. During in battle the Emperor was able to mortally wound Amadeo. This angered Annabella and asked the Hand of God, she knows it has more power and lashed out by asking "it" to show it to her.  
The Emperor faced Annabella who showed her his true form, a demon and told her in this form, he is most powerful. The two fight with Annabella blasting the Emperor to his death. 
Annabella then went to the wounded Amadeo whom she promised to take care until he is better. Amadeo said she is the light of Sicily in their dark times and that she must go. She responded that when he is better she wanted him to join her. The two kissed. 







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