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The Pretty Views and Dinosaurs Couldn't Save This One

Before this issue, Tales was really hitting its stride and getting better with each issue.  I'm not sure if it's because this was the last issue or whatever, but a lot of things just did not work.
First off, the script was pretty darn bad.  I've always have disliked the way Renet has been portrayed in, at least, the early TMNT stories.  She's basically just a bimbo with giant breasts.  When, in reality, she has a damn important job with helping to protect the time stream.  Anyone in that position would not be how Renet is portrayed.  On that note, her opposite in Savanti Romano seems equally ill-planned.  His revenge/master plan is rather pointless, and he comes across like a bad parody of the terrible villains from the 60s.
On the other hand, Ryan Brown and Jim Lawson were really working together well, but this issue (as described in the opening) had other people helping out with the inking/tones.  This caused some very unusual instances.  For most of the issue, April appears to be black despite being well-established as being white in earlier comics.  Even the Turtles seem sloppier than in previous issues.  The saving grace for the art comes in the amazing views/establishing shots along with the dinosaurs.  Even then, though, that is not enough to save this issue.
Poor writing hand in hand with some poor and distracting artwork bogs this issue down making it barely worth the read.

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