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Gators and Turtles - A Match Made in the Sewers

Tales #6 provides yet another great example of introducing a new character into some established mythos that does not detract from the stars but enhances them.  Sure, some of the story elements were fairly simplistic and arbitrary (since when were there 70ft waterfalls and LOTR-styled bridges in the sewers of New York?), but, overall, the story works really well.
The connection between Leatherhead and the Turtles surpasses the reptilian variety to that of a relationship with the Utroms.  The Turtles and Leatherhead could easily be considered brothers, and their survival shows that they work well together.
The art in this issue also shows a great improvement.  The inks over Lawson's pencils show a strong, brushed line with the toning used to emphasize the characters or key things in the frames.  Therefore, nothing seems arbitrary.
This is a great issue to add to your collection, and is worth multiple re-reads.

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