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The Rat King Introduction

For the first time in Volume One of Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the story and writing is actually pretty damn good.  This issue marks as the introduction of the Rat King into TMNT mythos.  The Rat King has always been one of my favorite characters for TMNT because he's such an outlier.  His existence is to provide metaphor and mystery.  Sure, he poses a physical threat, but it is his pure existence that brings so much intrigue to his character.
The Rat King believes he is a monster, and he subscribes himself to that belief through whatever he does.  He exists and acts as if he were a monster.  The comic is told from his perspective, and it is much better for it.
The writing really did a great job on this issue, but the art seemed a little clunky at times.  The Rat King looked amazing, but the turtles seemed a little off.  However, this was made up for by the amazing architecture work on many of the pages.  There was an excruciating detail put into just bricks and stone, but I wished some of that could have been attributed to the turtles as well.
Overall, a really great outing for the introduction of a new character.

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