Tales of the Teen Titans #47

    Tales of the Teen Titans » Tales of the Teen Titans #47 - Final Conflict! released by DC Comics on October 1984.

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    1. Cover by George Perez.
    2. "Final Conflict!" written by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, penciled by George Perez, inked by Mike De Carlo, colored by Adrienne Roy and lettered by Bob Lappan.

    The Titans make their final offensive against H.I.V.E.'s underwater base--but with Raven out of commission, they'll be one member down as the organization launches an attack against Atlantis!

    The HIVE Mistress and her HIVE troopers are toasting to what appears to be the Death of the Teen Titans in an explosion. As she is explaining how nice it feels to have them gone, HIVE Trooper #46 realizes that something is going on outside, and informs his Mistress. She angrily shouts at herself for not killing her earlier. The troopers ask her what they should do next, but she says how indecisive she is, and that she doesn't know what to do. She decides it is best and wait for their next move.

    Back out in the ocean floor, Raven and the rest of the Titans are in the complete darkness of her soul self, as Nightwing expresses that he has a plan, if Aquagirl and Aqualad are willing. As the HIVE Mistress warns her troops to be ready, Garth and Tula fly out of the soul self and punch a hole in HIVE's underwater base. Raven is guided into the base, as the pressure is sealed, and as guards storm towards them, the Titans are released from Raven's soul-self and stop them with ease. Tula and Jericho are concerned for Raven's health, Wonder Girl ties up their captive HIVEr as Starfire, Nightwing and Aqualad admire their work.

    Raven expresses how unwell she really is, and teleports away, saying she cannot stay there. As they are all concerned for Raven, their captive HIVEr expresses the fact that he can help them. Starfire is wary, but Jericho expresses that they can trust him, as he was part of his consciousness. Nightwing trusts Jericho's opinion, despite his girlfriend Starfire's doubts. Releasing the man, he tells them all that HIVE plans to destroy all of Atlantis.

    In an Interlude back at Titans Tower, a distressed Changeling is still sad at the fact that Terra, a girl he trusted and even loved, betrayed him. Cyborg enters the room and speaks with the angry Changeling, who still is upset and confrontational. He asks Garth why he's been acting like a Vigilante, and Changeling responds with the reasoning that they deserve to fight back and be stomped on. He continues to be confrontational, stating that he has lost everything when Jillian Jackson comes down the stairs. She is drastically changed, with pink hair and a bigger edge. She manages to comfort him some, and they all make up.

    Back at the HIVE underwater base, the Titans have divided into two teams, one consisting of Nightwing, the HIVEr, and Aqualad, the other consisting of Jericho, Starfire, Wonder Girl, and Aquagirl. The Mistress is happy about the status of the HIVE agency, as is proud of the work her and her late husband have achieved. Working together, both groups manage to plunge their way through ranks of HIVE soldiers. Meanwhile the Mistress turns all weapons on manual so she can control them and succeed where her minions did not.

    The group of girls and Jericho are the first to receive resistance, with Starfire being wrapped up in cables that electrify her and cause her great pain. Wonder Girl manages to free her, however she is knocked unconscious and Jericho possesses her so they do not lose any ground and can still continue. He is excited to be using Starfire's powers and fly. The group arrive at a fire wall, and Jericho-Starfire forces their way through the walls.

    The other group of three find the missile meant to destroy Atlantis. They know they only have one chance to disarm it, before the guards realize what they are doing and launch the missile. Meanwhile, the HIVE mistress continues to try and stop Starfire-Jericho, but Nightwing sabotage her. As they fire the missile, the HIVE mistress commits suicide, seeing it as the only escape route, while killing her 'Inner Circle' as well. Aqualad stops the missile as it heads towards Atlantis, and the Titans leave with Tula and Garth waving to them.

    Deep in space, orbiting in a huge golden sphere, Harbinger updates the Monitor on the status of the HIVE,and he says he will update his files.



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