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    The Green Lantern Corps face the very power of death! Abin Sur detects a downed ship on the planet Ysmault. When he arrives to investigate, his ring informs him that this world was once the throne world of the Empire of Tears! What he finds next will change the fate of the Green Lantern Corps forever!

    1. "Escapist Entertainment" written by Steve Englehart, penciled by Bill Willingham, inked by Joe Rubinstein, colored by Tony Tollin, lettered by Albert De Guzman.
    2. "Mercenary!" written by Mindy Newell, penciled and inked by George Freeman, colored by Anthony Tollin, lettered by David Cody Weiss.
    3. "Old Man Lantern" written by Paul Kupperberg, penciled and inked by Trevor Von Eeden, colored by Anthony Tollin and lettered by John Costanza.
    4. "Tygers" written by Alan Moore, penciled and inked by Kevin O'Neill, colored by Tony Tollin and lettered by John Costanza.
    5. "Bonus Pin-Up!" penciled and inked by Gil Kane and Joe Staton.

    Note: Indica title is The Green Lantern Corps Annual 2.


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